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It is common to find a pharmacy that offers the most convenient deals, especially when we are buying loads of pricy medicines for maintenance and other illnesses. My Canadian Pharmacy is yet another drugstore that promises a budget-friendly range of products that will be helpful for your family. However, upon scanning, the website has shown some loopholes. That’s precisely why today, we are going to post an review for customers like you to know why it is an irresponsible pharmacy.

Domain Info
Registration Date2009-06-20
Business Info
NameMy Canadian Pharmacy
Phone Numbers(646) 506 4924
(646) 440 9310
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Free Shipping

Domain Info

My Canadian Pharmacy is an eCommerce website that offers medical product shipments to worldwide destinations. They claim to provide all the best quality medicines while lowering the price for different families to afford them. Indeed, it’s tempting marketing, especially when you are in a financial crisis. But before you buy abruptly, let’s get to know the website from its domain.


According to Whois, the website was registered last June 20, 2009, and is deemed to expire on the same date this year. So far, the latest update in the domain was last June 14, 2021, and hasn’t been followed up. It can be indicated that the website is no longer active.

Business Profile

My Canadian Pharmacy seems to be an internet retail provider that goes far beyond the delivery of high-quality medications at meager prices. It also supplies a sort of other services. Based on its profile, the company is likely to be committed to providing all-inclusive support in all forms of drug use and pharmaceutical buying, including prescription assistance.

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However, Scam Adviser says otherwise against the website. My Canadian Pharmacy only got a 55/100 trust score which is a massive indication of scams or illegible distribution. Many factors can make the trust score low, but the fact that it doesn’t pass means a lot.

Regulatory Approvals

To know more about the legalization of as a pharmaceutical distributor, we decided to check its licenses, certifications, and regulatory approvals. However, upon reviewing the Certified Canadian International Pharmacy (CIPA), it can be seen that My Canadian Pharmacy is not listed.


Products and Pricing

What’s commendable about My Canadian Pharmacy is its revolutionary guide for every customer. Each product is sorted in a nice manner, just like this Plaquenil Generic. There’s a whole page specialized in defining the product, giving the quantity options, and explaining each ingredient that is put inside of it.


On the other hand, the pricing is affordable, just like how they promised. Indeed they may be distributing natural medicine. However, the fact that they don’t have a license or certification makes the process illegal.

Shipping and Delivery

The payment options available in My Canadian Pharmacy are through VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. On the Safe Checkout Page, you will be required to fill out details regarding your billing address, shipping method, and voucher options. However, since the website is inactive, it may cause issues and problems regarding online payment.


On the other hand, the shipping method available on this website is through airmail service, which costs €9.52, and trackable service, which costs €28.56. The discrepancy between the two is that the airmail doesn’t give a tracking view of your order, while trackable service will accurately give you an update regarding the delivery. Still, since it’s inactive, the delivery may get clogged or pended, and it will not be known if you’re in airmail.

Reviews may have been published in 2009, but there is no hint of reviews or testimonials about it. We have looked up different platforms compiling customers’ testimonies about a particular pharmacy, but My Canadian Pharmacy didn’t get even one. This makes the proof against the pharmacy stronger – that it is a scam and irresponsible. Some tools that we’ve used include MyWot and TrustPilot.

no reviews


As we have noted in the opening, we all want to find a pharmacy that offers the most convenient deals, especially when buying loads of pricy medicines for maintenance and other illnesses. However, factors such as scamming schemes are the ones that hinder us from trusting this type of website. There are many loopholes in this website that we’ll list out:

  • The website domain is about to expire.
  • The trust score it has is 55/100 only.
  • It has no regulatory approvals, licenses, or proof of certification.
  • It does not receive any testimonies from past customers.

Hence, because of that, we decide to give 1 star out of 5.

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