Ivermectin: COVID ‘Miracle’ Drug


You may have heard of Ivermectin. A supposed miracle drug that is able to cure those affected by COVID-19. It is also touted as an alternative to getting vaccinated. We have to point this out straight away. Ivermectin does not help with COVID-19. There have been over a dozen studies conducted and none of them have produced conclusive results that support this thesis.

Ivermectin Is Legit Drug

Despite its proven lack of effectiveness when it comes to COVID-19. Ivermectin is actually an FDA-approved drug. According to the ClinCalc DrugStats Database from 2018, it is the 420th most prescribed drug in the United States. Its prescribed use is for antiparasitic illnesses such as lymphatic filariasis, ascariasis, and trichuriasis. Ivermectin works by killing those parasites that are causing you harm and making you feel ill. 


Unreliable or Biased Studies

The BBC news agency has verified all of the currently 26 large trials of Ivermectin’s COVID-19 effectiveness. It established that around a third of these studies were not conducted properly. There were mistakes made that will affect its reliability. Or there was also potential bias on the part of the researchers. The remaining two-thirds of the reviews did not support the theory of Ivermectin can be used for treating the Coronavirus. 


Temporarily Approved by Some Governments

A major point that is often highlighted by Ivermectin conspiracy theorists is that it has been approved by governments around the world. These included India, Slovakia, Peru, and South Africa. Yet, it is important to highlight that all of this was actually temporary. It was during the period of time when there was a lot of uncertainty around how the pandemic will be kept under control.

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As well as the fact that a lot of governments were worrying about how they will get hold of vaccines. Due to this, some governments began approving any drugs that were labeled as potential cures. Pretty soon, these countries stopped offering Ivermectin and other unsuitable drugs for the treatment of COVID-19. 

Why Ivermectin Can Be Dangerous

Ivermectin is a drug that can call you serious long-term damage. In certain cases, it may also be fatal.


Below, we are going to cover instances when this parasitic medication can pose a danger. 

  • High Dosage – Consuming Ivermectin when you do not need it or consuming very high amounts of it can lead to symptoms such as sickness and diarrhea. It is also possible to overdose.
  • Animal Version – Yes, there is an altered version of Ivermectin that is used for treating parasites affecting animals. These animals usually happen to be livestock. Therefore it will have a different concentration that can be dangerous to humans. Always make sure that your Ivermectin is made for human consumption.
  • Blood Thinning Med Incompatibility – Certain health conditions affecting your blood flow and vascular system may put you at particular risk. It is also not recommended that you consume blood-thinning medication along with Ivermectin. 
  • Pregnancy – Currently there are not enough studies available to confirm whether you can take Ivermectin while you are pregnant. Therefore, we urge you to avoid using it, for the safety of yourself and your baby. 
  • Side Effects – Even if you follow all of the product instructions and warnings. There are still the possibilities of side effects such as skin rashes, dry eyes, and fever. None of them are particularly lethal. 

Always Use Approved Medication

You should only use medication that has been approved for that particular illness. There is a reason after all that the pharmaceutical industry is so heavily regulated. It is to protect consumers from unscrupulous sellers and manufacturers. The best way to do this is to speak to a licensed medical professional


Misuse of Ivermectin Is No Joke

We must make it clear that misusing Ivermectin is not something that you should risk doing. You can severely damage your body, leading to chronic illnesses. In addition, you can also go into a coma or die. Related to this, you should only make sure that you are buying your drugs from licensed pharmaceutical websites. Furthermore, these e-pharmacies should have good reviews from real customers

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Vaccination Is More Effective

Vaccinations are the best way to avoid falling ill from COVID-19. They are currently the most effective way of saving lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccines will train your body’s defenses to help fight against these invasive microorganisms. In a way, it is like training for a boxing match. The more you have trained, the higher the chances of you winning. 

Social Media Conspiracy Theories

There is a dark side to why Ivermectin has been so widely praised. A real driving force has been the anti-vax or anti-vaccination movement. They believe that vaccines are inherently dangerous as well as other unsubstantiated theories. It is also important to remember that these conspiracy theories are very unlikely to have any medical training and qualifications. Even if they do, they can still have ulterior motives such as financial gain. Always verify information that you have read or heard online by checking the information provided by reputable news companies and government agencies. 

Be Careful of Dodgy Pharmacy Websites

A further big promoter of Ivermectin will be fraudulent pharmacy websites. They are run exclusively with the aim of scamming customers. In the overwhelming majority of cases, they do not even ship out any medication. Instead, they just have products listed, and ignore you once you have paid them. Only buy from e-pharmacies that are licensed by double-checking with regulatory organizations. Or reading independent reviews about this e-commerce drugstore. 

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Too Good to Be True

Miracles are a concept of our perception. A miracle is something very unlikely, that is hard to explain. Aspects of life that are too good to be true should always raise caution. Ivermectin reviews may exist online that claim that it is an effective way to treat COVID-19. However, who is actually making these reviews? Also, you have to ask yourself, how can you prove that these individuals have actually consumed this medication?

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The first thing you have to do when met with something too good to be true is to start conducting research. Also, remember that a lack of reviews is as bad as negative reviews. In such a situation it is best to stay away. Moreover, only buy your medical products from reputable, regulated, and widely praised drugstore websites.

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