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Before ordering from any online pharmacy, conducting due diligence is a necessity. Doing so ensures that you choose a reliable pharmacy. Once you choose a reliable pharmacy, the meds delivered would be of good quality as well. Instead of choosing a pharmacy and then conducting the due diligence on the pharmacy, it is better to use our reviews for the same. They go into the pharmacy’s detail to help you understand if it is good enough or not. Today, we will share one such review with you. Our review will give you all the details of the pharmacy to help you decide about it.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-05-27
LocationUS, Switzerland
Business Info
Phone Numbers+1-800-532-48-08
Regulatory Bodies
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Company Details

The first task to look at is the about us page of the pharmacy. When you check the about us page of this pharmacy, it states that the pharmacy has been in business for a long time. Moreover, the about us page claims the meds to be sourced from Indian FDA approved companies. However, except for these details, you cannot get much information from the pharmacy’s about us page.


Domain Information

When you look at the domain age of the pharmacy, the registration was done in May 2020. So, the pharmacy is barely 2-3 months old. On the about us page, the pharmacy claims to be in business for 12 years. Clearly, the claims on the about us page are false. Due to this very reason, it is a good idea to avoid ordering from this pharmacy. However, before making your final decision take a look at the rest of the article.


Business Profile

When you dig deeper into the business information of the pharmacy, it uses privacy protection. The privacy protection does not provide much information about the pharmacy. The address provided is pretty limited. You cannot locate the pharmacy using this address. What kind of pharmacy hides its business information? Of course, not a genuine one. It seems like the pharmacy is shady. You have to remember this factor while ordering from such a pharmacy.



The pharmacy sources from Indian FDA approved companies, as mentioned on the about us page. The Indian FDA standards are different from US ones. Apart from this information, the company does not provide much information regarding regulatory approvals. If you’re buying medicines from pharmacies, not FDA approved in your own country, you cannot be 100% sure about its quality.

not recommended

Available Products

The pharmacy stocks quite a few medicines. These are spread across various categories. The categories include:

  • Antiallergic, Antibiotics, Antifungals
  • Antiparasitic, ArthritisDeputies
  • Hypertension, Eyecare

When you look at the individual meds in these categories, there are only a handful of options available. Therefore, it is not that simple to find the right drug when planning to order from this pharmacy.


The generic meds available on this pharmacy are pretty affordable. Once you compare these generic drugs with other pharmacies selling the same, you won’t find these generic medicines as affordable. Of course, once you compare them with the branded ones, it might seem like these are affordable. However, other pharmacies are offering the same generic medicines at affordable prices.

Payments and Deliveries

The pharmacy accepts most credit cards. Paying for your order is not going to be an issue. When it comes to shipping methods, the pharmacy offers Express International mail. The International express mail you can take up to 9 business days. The standard airmail can take up to 21 days, and it is paid. You will have to shell out ten additional dollars. The cost of the drugs increases significantly when you take these factors into account.


Customer Feedback

There are a few testimonials on the pharmacy page. The pharmacy, which has been around for just two months, cannot have so many different testimonials. Moreover, since the pharmacy lies about its age, you cannot be 100% sure about its testimonials, either. For all you know, the testimonials might be fake as well. You should take these testimonials with a pinch of salt.



Third-party reviews also advise staying away from this pharmacy. They are not positive, either. Our review also indicates it to be a shady operator. Considering these factors, it is better to avoid this pharmacy. You should not get lured in by the false claims of this pharmacy. When you dig deeper, this pharmacy is not up to the mark.

We give it only 1 star out of 5.

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