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Canadian World Famous Pharmacy is the title used by They claim to be professionals who aim to supply cheap medicines worldwide. What makes this platform shady is its baseless statements and promises regarding health. Hence, we decided to run a thorough review for everyone’s safety.

Domain Info
Registration Date2021-11-22
Business Info
NameCanadian Pharmacy
Phone NumbersUS: +1-718-487-9792
UK: +44-2032-397-7092
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Domain Info

Based on the first assessment, it can be seen that this online pharmacy is registered under Eranet International Limited. It was registered last November 22, 2021, and is deemed to expire the same day this year. The previous update on the website was last January 4, 2022. From this information, it can be stated that our subject pharmacy is new in the field and inactive.


Business Profile

Med24x, also known as Canadian World Famous Pharmacy, is an online e-commerce platform specializing in various medicines. They claim to collaborate with dependable manufacturers and work with licensed pharmacists, but they lack any information that can back it up.


We ran the website in Scam Adviser, and it turns out it was already reported as unsafe by Trend Micro. The trust score for this online pharmacy fell into 1/100, which means it is unreliable.

Regulatory Approvals

The business checking already said a lot, but we still decided to check the regulatory approvals for this online pharmacy. As expected, they are not certified, CIPA members. They are also not found in NABP. This indicates that our subject website is not a legitimate supplier of medicines.


As a result, their claim to be a “licensed online pharmacy” is factually inaccurate. You can’t put your trust in a pharmacy unless it has regulatory approval, no matter how large it is. As for this platform, they have demonstrated themselves to be a scam from the beginning of their operation.

Products and Pricing

Upon checking, you’ll see that this online drugstore features various medications. Their pricing is consistent with the suggested, with the option to purchase by pill or by pack.


The following are among some of the classifications in which they provide services:

  • Allergies, Anxiety, Asthma
  • Blood pressure, Cholesterol-Lowering
  • Diabetes, Gastrointestinal
  • Heart Disease, Hair Loss
  • Pain Relief, Skin Care, Weight Loss

Payment and Shipping

This platform includes a shopping cart and a “buy now” button that will lead you to the appropriate shipping options. Once you’re on the site, you’ll be able to see the two shipping options available to you – either through AirMail or through EMS.


The only method of payment available is bank transfer, which is a sketchy procedure, especially when dealing with an untrustworthy platform like this. The information about your bank account should never be shared with this online pharmacy.

Delivery Details

There are two types of delivery options offered by Canadian World Famous Pharmacy, Airmail, and EMS.

For Airmail, the delivery is applicable worldwide and may take at least two business weeks. What makes it more untrustworthy is the fact that Airmail doesn’t provide online tracking for customers. You’ll never know if the delivery was accomplished or not.

On the other hand, the delivery is also applicable worldwide for EMS, and it is the fastest shipping option available. As soon as you checkout, the shipping track ID will be sent to you so that you can monitor the delivery. It takes only 3-8 days for EMS to be shipped.


We are unable to gather information by operating the website on a variety of non-automated assessment platforms. This is because this platform doesn’t contain any testimonials from previous customers. At the same time, this may be due to the fact that the online pharmacy has never had clients or that they are not a legitimate e-commerce platform.

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As you may be aware, a website can appear to be selling something when it is actually attempting to obtain your money. That is one of the ruses used by scammers, and it is also a symptom of a non-legitimate platform in general.


With all of the evidence collected, you can conclude that this supplier is a massive scam. It should not be an advised website if you really want to purchase products that are not harmful to your health. These are among the factors that lead to the conclusion that this platform is a scam:

  • It received a 1/100 trust rating.
  • It does not include information about those serving as managers or healthcare assistants.
  • It lacks regulatory approvals from CIPA and NABP.
  • It does not have any testimonials, feedback, etc.

As a result of all of this information, we decided to give this company a 1 out of 5 stars.

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