Reviews – Disappointing Result is an online pharmacy that offers generic medication to individuals experiencing diverse forms of performance issues needed for intercourse and pleasure. Their company only focuses on one primary issue that seems prominent in most primarily active men yet still encountering such complications or struggles. This article gives a disappointing result of 1 star in the trust and reliability rating. Journey on with us to understand why and learn more about this scam.

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Registration Date2018-04-11
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NameMedication CA
Phone Numbers+44-203-514-1638
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Business Profile

This is an internet and technology-based online drugstore that aims to address the male demographic that is suffering and is challenged by their current situation when dealing with a specific type of condition that affects the response to certain stimuli when feeling pleasure.

about them

Their website claims to be a registered establishment aligned and fact-checked by governing bodies and pharmaceutical societies that audit company standards, pharmaceutical practices, and generic medicinal manufacturing.

However, if users take time to review this, not a single certification, registration number, standard international trademark, or other legitimate display of approval and identification corresponding to what they claim is issued to them by these governing bodies and auditors.

Regulatory Approvals

No exact stated approval or actual photo of the certificate or plaque is given to them displayed on the website. This is crucial when it comes to brand trust and consumer marketing.


Knowing that they issue only generic forms of medicines, this online drugstore should have made sure that they displayed this certain leverage for their users to see and believe them although their consumer journey.

Products and Pricing

The products available on the website are quite diverse. Apart from their main product of generic medicines for the male demographic with issues about performing and reacting to pleasurable stimuli, they also have generic medicines targeting women and a range of lubricants in their online pharmacy.


For pricing, they offer or advertise low prices of medicines compared to branded ones as they only distribute and manufacture generic medication. The company guarantees a special promo of free shipping once bulk orders of the medicine reach 200USD. A clickbait technique used by most professional scammers to have the users cave into it!

Payment and Shipping

Their website states that major credit cards are accepted, orders are strictly done via their online form, and no over-the-phone orders are done.


They ship worldwide through major carriers and are only via post or mail. If users think about it, using the post or mail is a brilliant thing to do by scammers as it takes a long time to retrieve their ordered product and has minimum levels of actually refunding it and tracking. Before they know it, they have paid for a product that was never meant to arrive at them in the first place.

If the user checks intricately, the form asks for a code of the specific card used before checking out the item to process the full payment, which they assure as a validation method on their end.


There is no such thing as asking for a validation method through a code when making a purchase, as this is sensitive information only issued to the cardholder! The fact that they ask it from their users or require it while having the complete details of their consumer’s credit card is already fraudulent at best.


Despite this online pharmacy store being around since 2018, no reviews can be found on the site or any other trustable platforms. Considering that the online drugstore has been around for quite some time now, the site not having reviews gives the impression that they do not get any customers. No reviews on their drugstore’s website also make it hard for the company to be trustworthy.

no reviews


With all these stated, it concludes that this is a scam! A 1-star rating is given to this online drugstore in the trust rating. Be careful in patronizing items and medicines from The fact that they only offer clickbait products and target sensitive and helpless males with performance for pleasure issues is already a clickbait move.

Their method and process of credit card payments, wherein they require all information of the card and cardholder as well as a “validation method” that shares the one-time passcode or verification digits of the cardholder to the website, is a foul and is crossing the barrier or line between card owner and privacy that this store should exercise heavily.

Do not be fooled by this online pharmacy’s fraudulent activity.

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