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Are you planning to buy meds online? If yes, you would, of course, be thinking, whether it is safe to buy medicines without a prescription. Many pharmacies provide you with generic medications without the need for any prescription. However, before you make that ordering decision, it is better to find the answer to this question. Only once you do so can you decide if you should go ahead and order meds.

Is It Safe to Buy Meds Without Prescription?

The answer is yes, it is safe to buy medicines without a prescription. However, you cannot just go ahead and order from any pharmacy. There are a few precautions which you need to take in this regard. Only when you’re ready to take these precautions, you can safely order drugs online.


You need to always be cautious that you are dealing with medications. Also, on the Internet, there are hundreds of pharmacies available. You cannot take a chance. Due to this very reason, it is better to go through the precautions that you should take before ordering meds online.

What precautions should you take while ordering meds without prescription?

We will now share a few precautions with you so that you can make an informed decision when ordering medicines without prescription online.

Choose Credible Pharmacy

You might be thinking that this step is a no-brainer. However, you would be surprised to know that many consumers do not check online pharmacy reviews 2020 before choosing the pharmacy to order the meds. It is the most basic step which you need to take.

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The best thing about this step is that it will eliminate most of the fly by night pharmacies. It would help if you first go through the reviews of that pharmacy. Instead of just checking the testimonials page of the pharmacy, it is better to look at the third-party reviews. Only once you go through those reviews, it will become easy for you to choose the right pharmacy.

With proper due diligence, you can shortlist a pharmacy with a credible track record. Also, you can know more about the type of medicines available and the inventory of that pharmacy. In a nutshell, instead of choosing a substandard pharmacy selling suspect quality of drugs, you can choose a pharmacy proven to deliver high-quality drugs without prescription.

Check Meds Composition

You might be thinking, how can you know more about the drugs before ordering them?


You would be surprised to know that there are plenty of websites that allow you to search for the drug’s name and provide you with all the information regarding the drug. The types of information which they provide are:

  • The composition of the drug
  • The manufacturing company of the drug
  • The usage of the drug
  • The dosage which you should stick to (approximation)

When you get all of this information, it will be easier to compare it with the pharmacy website’s listing. Most of the pharmacy websites also listed the ingredients. As a result, when you compare the listing of the pharmacy with a third party website, you can ensure that the drug is of proper quality. The meds that you order online can vary in composition from one website to another. That is why this third party research technique ensures that you are only choosing the meds with a standard composition and formula. It will ensure that you do not have to worry about consuming unwanted ingredients or unwanted medicines. It is the second precaution that you should undertake when you’re buying meds online without prescription.

Check Licensing Information

The medicine market is highly regulated. That is why it is always better to check for licensing information before ordering the drugs. The question is, where can you find the licensing information about the drugs you are planning to order?

fda approved

Most pharmacies will directly let you know whether the meds are FDA approved or not. Also, when you go through the FAQ section of the pharmacy on the third party reviews, you can know about the licensing information.

You need to also remember that if you’re planning to buy generic drugs, those are generally not licensed. You need to know this and think upon it before ordering the drugs online.

If the drugs are FDA approved, it is usually displayed along with the listing of the drug. Many people these days consume and buy generic drugs to save money. This does not mean that they are at risk. However, finding the licensing information about any drug before ordering it is undoubtedly a good idea.

Limit Dosage

You might be thinking that this is common sense. However, many people do not even know the exact dosage in which they have to consume generic medicines. Fortunately, you can get the same information even before ordering the meds online.

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Most of the pharmacies have instructions or screenshot of the instructions on the packaging of the meds. That is why you can know right away about the recommended dosage you have to stick to. You need to understand that excess of anything is not a good idea. That is why you have to check the dosage in advance as well.

Various third-party websites can advise you approximately on the dosage as well. Once you verify this information, after that, only you can safely buy medicines without a prescription.

These precautions might seem like common sense. However, going through these 4-point criteria before ordering medicines online without prescription will ensure that you are always able to order high-quality medicines that can benefit you.


So, the next time around, you’re planning to order meds online you need to refer to our guide above. It will help you choose the right pharmacy to order meds without prescription and help you choose the right meds as well. As a result, you will not have to worry about substandard medication or any other such problems. You need to remember that ordering the wrong medicine or substandard medicine can wreak havoc on your health. Due to this reason, following the guide above is an excellent idea if you’re planning to buy medicines without a prescription.

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