Reviews – Why Not Trust? was reportedly formed in 2011 as a big supplier of generic meds and over-the-counter healthcare medications. They claim that they have been providing medical care items to customers around the world for almost a decade. They intend to produce medications to address substantial unmet medical requirements in order to obtain appropriate treatment procedures for their consumers, so improving their health state rapidly. This article will explain why you should not rely on them.

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As previously stated, Meds4Care was launched in 2011 as a big pharmaceutical wholesaler. Nevertheless, their domain has only existed since 22 February 2019 and is expected to end in 2024. According to Whois, the domain was registered by Privacy Hero Inc of Grace Bay, Providenciales. Other information was concealed and restricted from public access. Still, we were able to determine from the minimal facts that the pharmacy was formed lately, not in 2011, as stated in their introduction.


Business Profile

It is considered that Meds4Care may be counted on when it comes to one’s finances and health condition. They state that they are a collection of specialists in the field of healthcare that are passionate about giving their consumers with outstanding service and enjoyment.


Under the guidance of their leading organization, which is headed by a well-regarded, qualified, and trustworthy Indian pharmacy, they also pledge that they can provide their customers with the highest grade and most therapeutic drugs substances.

However, Scam Adviser’s trust rating for the website indicates otherwise. It is uncommon for a pharmacy website to receive a low grade unless they are a hoax. In the case, their rating was merely 68/100.

Regulatory Approvals

As we move forward with regulatory approvals, we are going to review the website’s certification, permits, authorization, and any other documentation that may provide them with a trustworthy starting point. In relation to this specific situation, we sought to seek for Meds4Care by using LegitScript, CIPA, and NABP; unfortunately, none of the resources provided any results or revealed any association with the drugstore being investigated.


Apart from their claims that their products are 100% genuine and FDA approved, we can only clearly take it as a fact with proof. This information lends credence to the claim that this online pharmacy is nothing more than a fake enterprise that facilitates the unlicensed distribution of illicit pharmaceuticals.

Products and Pricing

The online drugstore has maintained a consistent commitment to the development of lasting relationships with its customers. Therefore, they want you to visit their website if you consider purchasing drugs online.


As a result, they provide a comprehensive selection of pharmaceuticals that can treat a variety of conditions, including obesity and issues related to sexual health.

In addition, they sell individual tablets such as:

  • fildena, champix, arimidex
  • iverheal, big fun, duration
  • careprost, and a variety of others

The prices are moderate and within most people’s price ranges, but the real question is whether or not the things are authentic.

Payment and Shipping

The purchase of any and all kinds of pharmaceuticals may now be done quickly and easily online. It won’t take you more than a few steps to order the medication you require, and within a few days, it will be delivered right to your door. This online store is sensitive to your needs regarding medication, and we are aware of how difficult it can be to locate an authentic generic medication online.

safe checkout

The pharmacy provides a flat shipping method, and the cost is approximately $30 but can vary based on where you live. In the meantime, they do not recommend a particular form of payment, but they do take credit cards as well as debit cards.


Surprisingly, we found 200 reviews regarding the pharmacy in Trust Pilot. In the said tool, the website was rated with 4.4/5 stars and has received a lot of good feedback. The latest review was last October 14, 2022, by Ken, who is a loyal customer of the website. Many feedbacks are surprisingly good, considering that Meds4Care had a lot of loopholes and claims. We considered these testimonials in our evaluation.

positive review


To conclude this review, Meds4Care may have good testimonials from its customers, but we must recognize their lacks and falsification of reports. The fact that they claim their products to be FDA approved and that they are a huge distributor screams a lot of scam motives. They may have clear intention to help people, but they needed to do it the right way. Hence, regrettably, we can’t entrust the customers’ health with such a pharmacy.

We decided to give them 1.5 star out of 5.

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