Reviews – Live Up To Their Promises comes from the US. Their services are limited to customers that live in the country. They operate both as a pharmacy and a doctor. They expect their customers to undergo online consultations before the orders they have submitted are successfully processed and approved. Even though the online pharmaceutical business is filled with scams, this isn’t one of them. They are not the oldest of sites but they have, nonetheless, earned the trust of the public, which is why so many platforms have given them strong trust ratings.

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Registration Date2018-09-07
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NameMedzino Health Inc.
Phone Numbers+1-888-772-2270
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Certified
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They came into existence on the 7th of September 2018 which, as you might have guessed, isn’t a good thing because it makes them quite young, just a little over two years old at the moment. Normally, their domain age would sink them.


People tend to avoid medical stores with fewer than five years of experience. However, they have chosen to give this one a chance because it has given them plenty of reasons to believe that it is legit.

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You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it when they tell you that this shop is legitimate. Just look at ScamAdviser’s rating. It stands at 100 percent. If you trust ScamAdviser, then you will take its rating as a sign that this is a genuine pharmacy that lives up to its promises. ScamAdviser has defended its rating by pointing out that the platform has a valid SSL certificate and several positive reviews. It wasn’t put off by the owner’s hidden identity.

100% trust

Business Profile

The pharmacy isn’t completely transparent. It has failed to answer a few lingering questions regarding its owner and the exact nature of its origins. But for the most part, they appear to operate just like their peers in this field.


Their objective is to connect their customers to licensed doctors in the US. This is why they describe their company as a combination of a pharmacy and a doctor. The people that reach out to them can also access the services of American doctors.

The consultation is quick. It only lasts two minutes. Additionally, it is free. The physician will review the information you have provided to gain a better understanding of your health and illnesses. This will enable them to identify the best treatment for your situation.

If you already know the drugs you want, the physician will determine whether or not they are an appropriate answer to your problem. Because doctors have to review every order the platform receives, you should know that they have the power to reject a request for medicine.

full regulation

They cannot force you to take the right pills for your disease. However, they do not have to approve every request you make for drugs. If the site rejects your request after you’ve made a payment, they will provide a refund.

Most orders are processed and sent out within two days. It should be emphasized that they do not transact with customers outside the US. Or at the very least, they cannot deliver packages to destinations beyond the American border.

Regulatory Authorization

They are a legal business and pharmaceutical entity that has the regulatory authority to sell and deliver drugs to customers in the US, which is why LegitScript has certified them.


Available Products

They sell products that treat illnesses in a variety of categories, including:

category of drugs
  • Sexual
  • Skin
  • Chronic
  • Mental

Because they have doctors on hand for patients to consult, you don’t need a prescription to buy drugs.

Payments and Deliveries

Their products are competitively priced. They are relatively cheap in some cases because the pharmacy doesn’t have to carry the same overhead costs that traditional drugstores encounter.


They accept payments made using bank cards. The deliveries can take between three and five days. They use First-Class Mail and Priority Mail. First-Class Mail is free. The second option costs $10.


They have several excellent reviews from multiple customers on TrustPilot that have commended them for replying to negative comments and complaints within hours.

positive comments


This is one of those rare internet pharmacies that are just as trustworthy and legitimate as they claim. Their LegitScript certification and ScamAdviser rating are clear proof that they are not a scam, which is why they get a trust rating of 4 stars.

We are more than happy to recommend this online pharmacy to you.

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