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Online pharmacy claims to give clients generic medicine at a low price through their website. This company claims to provide the best customer service, the most effective quality medication, and the fastest delivery service. All of these e-claims pharmacies and their credibility have been carefully investigated.

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Registration Date2020-12-04
LocationTurks and Caicos Islands
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Domain Info

The company initially registered its domain name on December 4th, 2020. According to the database, the website was last updated on November 27th, 2021, and the current expiration date is December 4th, 2024.


The company’s website does not contain an About Us page or license papers that would all have accurate dates, making it difficult to verify this information. Only the copyright, which expires in 2020, provides any clues. As a result, this raises serious questions about the company’s validity and openness.

Business Profile

The pharmacy’s e-website has several grammatical and informational errors that come across as unprofessional. There is no way to learn who owns the business, what licenses it holds, or who works there without an About Us page. It is reasonably common in illegal pharmaceutical operations.


Scam Adviser offers this website a score of 100/100, which is unusual. Although this seems like great news, we must assume it is fake. This e-pharmacy is not recommended by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Scam Adviser should generally have this information. Thus, we’re going to presume it’s a mistake.

Approvals from Regulatory Agencies

Every pharmacy on the internet is subject to the same rules and guidelines. An organization’s credibility, customer safety, and product quality are all guaranteed by this level of legitimacy. According to our investigation, this e-pharmacy lacks regulatory certification. As a result, they lack a license from any of these organizations. On Legit Script, this e-pharmacy is likewise unregistered.

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Products and Pricing

There is now a massive assortment of medications for men with erectile issues available at this online pharmacy. Price and dose are included in all products. Several sections on the website, but all of them have generic medications for male issues. Despite the e-homepage pharmacies showing eye drops, no medicines were found when the search function was used. Weirdly, although the e-pharmacy should focus on male health issues, it doesn’t.


While claiming only to sell FDA-approved medications, another internet pharmacy is operating without a license, making this claim unsubstantiated. Many scammers use vague language to trick customers into believing that their e-pharmacies are honest.

Best Selling Products

The homepage of this e-pharmacy features a list of the company’s best-selling items. It can address men’s sexual dysfunction with any of these five products, including a wide range of pills and tablets.

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Products include:

  • 20 Mg of Zhewitra
  • Sildalist
  • 20 Mg of Vidalista CT
  • Malegra Professional
  • 50 Mg of Manforce

Payments and Shipping

This online pharmacy now accepts the following ways of payment:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

According to the website, free delivery and shipping are available on orders of $199 or more. Other shipping data isn’t as easily accessible. In addition, there is no specific shipping page, and only a tiny quantity is provided under the FAQ section.


The website forecasts 10-12 days for countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and others. It can take anything from 5-8 days in other countries. Clients must therefore be in the process of placing an order to learn about shipping fees, courier alternatives, and country restrictions.


There is a testimonials section on this company’s website. Every single one of these reviews is a five-star success story. Some factors lead us to suspect they have been fabricated. As a first step, they aren’t accessible via any third-party sites. Second, there aren’t any customer complaints listed anywhere on the website.

from website

Most reputable pharmaceutical firms enable consumers to see all testimonials, even the bad ones, for their products and services. It’s also worth noting that the photographs associated with these reviews don’t appear to match their names. When Jessica Jung’s testimony is displayed, a bearded, hefty man is the accompanying photo.

We can infer from all of this evidence that the reviews have been altered somehow. If you look at third-party sites like Trustpilot, you’ll notice no customer reviews for this particular e-pharmacy.


To sum it up, is not a reputable online pharmacy. Even though this company does not have sufficient licensing and does not adhere to regulatory norms, it is not upfront with its customers.

We have rated this e-pharmacy a 1-star rating for these reasons, and we do not suggest using their services.

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