Reviews – Safe to Try focuses on males and offers a one-of-a-kind experience. The main goal of this work is to reduce the taboo surrounding men’s health and normalize its discussion. Among guys of varying ages who are struggling with the same issues, Rocky forms relationships based on trust, privacy, and discretion. In a variety of ways, it ensures that guys are caring for themselves.

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Registration Date2021-02-16
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Phone Numbers+1 (416) 900-1444
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LegitScriptStatus: Certified
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Domain Information

Since it was initially registered, this domain has existed for up to 2 years. The website loads in a reasonable amount of time and has an SSL certificate that is being used now.


It has been determined, via research carried out with WhoIs, that 2021-02-16 was selected as the date for the registration of this domain. It is said that it will stop being valid on 2023-02-16, and its most recent adjustment was performed on 2022-09-29.

Business Profile

The company works hard to ensure that its clients are happy with their purchases. The Rocky name conjures images of a man who is unstoppable and fearless in the face of any challenge. They help improve men’s image by addressing issues they face on a daily basis and offering viable answers.


All products are manufactured by legitimate pharmaceutical companies operating within the law. They aim for perfection by staffing their company with full-time pharmacists plus quality assurance inspectors. Since orders are shipped inconspicuously, consumers’ personal information is safe from prying eyes. Information about the item being shipped is concealed during the packaging process.

Regulatory Approvals

Laws are essential components of any site. People would behave in diverse circumstances in any way they pleased if there were no laws or regulations to restrict them. Regulations serve as the foundation upon which any organization’s standards are established. As part of its certification program, LegitScript conducted an audit of this online merchant or website and came to the conclusion that it satisfies the criteria for the legality, safety, and transparency.


Products and Pricing

A valid prescription from a qualified licensed healthcare professional in the customer’s state of residency is required in order for the consumer to be able to make an order at this particular retailer. Once drugs have been given, they are no longer available for return. The costs of each item are within a reasonable range. Follow the company on Facebook and Twitter, as well as sign up for the website to be notified of upcoming sales, so that you may take advantage of any available product discounts.


Payment and Shipping

Different products and locations require different shipping options. You can keep tabs on your package with the tracking number provided by Express Mail and Registered Mail. It is against the law to resell or reuses prescription items, so they cannot accept returns on them. The time it takes to deliver your package can be anything between 12 and 14 business days, and the cost of shipping each package is $12. The merchandise will be re-sent to the customer in the event that they do not get the original shipment.


Each and every one of the packages has full protection against theft or damage. If for some chance you don’t really receive the package, they will gladly reship it to you at no additional cost if it is returned to us as undeliverable.


According to the findings of our investigation into ScamAdviser, we learned that they had received favourable reviews on several social media platforms. This internet service has an excellent reputation for reliability. On ScamAdviser, users have deemed the website to be legitimate and trustworthy.

excellent reviews


The length of time a company has been operational is one approach to determine whether or not it is a legitimate business. All of the criteria have been satisfied by this online pharmacy. Because it has been there for such a long time, it has been able to earn the permission of several regulatory agencies.

A 3-star rating is what we’re going to give it.

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