Reviews – Attractive But Concerning looks like just another online pharmacy from India. But it is more than that. While they sell medicine over the internet, they also offer additional services such as lab tests and consultations with real doctors. This makes them more attractive than many of their competitors because their offerings are so wide-ranging.

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Registration Date2004-02-13
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NameNetmeds Marketplace Limited
Phone Numbers72007-12345
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This is just as true where their products are concerned. They have both traditional drugs and homeopathic treatments. They aim to offer as much diversity as possible. They want people to have as many options as they would find in a high-quality brick-and-mortar drugstore. This has won them, numerous loyal customers, over the years.

Domain Details

The company’s domain was created on the 13th of February 2004. That makes them 16-years-old as of this moment. That is an impressive domain age, one that makes it difficult to dismiss the store’s claims of legitimacy.


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ScamAdviser was just as impressed with the pharmacy’s domain age, which is why it gave them a trust rating of 100 percent. The domain age wasn’t the only factor that attracted the impressive rating.

high rating

ScamAdviser was also impressed by their high volume of traffic, the valid SSL Certificate, and the many positive reviews that have come their way over the years. The clarity surrounding the origins of their domain is refreshing because so many drugstores work so hard to obscure this particular aspect of their profile.

Business Profile

The website is Indian. It is owned by Dadha and Company, a firm with over a century of experience in the medical field. The store sells prescription and non-prescription drugs. As was mentioned before, they also offer lab tests and consultations with doctors.

Their goal is to bring medicine to people in isolated locations that do not have easy access to effective remedies. Their services are relatively straightforward. You have to visit their platform to submit a request.


Once you find what you want, add it to your cart and checkout. They will process your order and deliver your package to your doorstep. Their platform has a subscription system that is aimed towards individuals with long-term treatments.

Rather than simply sending you reminders, the system will ensure that your medicine is refilled and sent to you every month. This happens automatically, though you must set things up by specifying the treatments you need as well as the schedule.

They have assured their clients that the labs they use to perform tests are certified institutions with strong reputations. Doctors are available all day, all night, and all week to answer any questions you might have.

This allows people in rural areas to consult medical professionals and to buy medicine without leaving their homes. The platform wants to become a one-stop-shop for every patient’s medical needs. This is why they have endeavored to provide an answer to every aspect of the average customer’s healthcare requirements. In the years since their online wing was opened, they have won the trust of over four million customers.


Regulatory Authorization

They have won numerous accolades for their work over the years, including the Health Tech Start-Up Award (NDTV Unicorn) in 2016. But it should be noted that none of the major international regulatory bodies like LegitScript have recognized them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, not for a company whose activities are limited to India.

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Available Products

The store sells products related to:

  • Covid
  • Diabetes
  • Fitness
  • Children
  • Sex, and so much more

Payments and Deliveries

They deliver to more than 19,000 pin codes around India. They have customers in rural areas as well as cities. While you can use credit cards to make payments, they also accept cash on delivery. Their prices will vary depending on the product. However, they have discount programs that enable customers to save as much as 80 percent on their purchases. It is worth noting that deliveries are free.



They do not have reviews on Trustpilot. Because the testimonials on their site are easy to fake, you have no way of verifying their legitimacy. That being said, the customers on top of cashback have praised them for their great website, smooth operations, and quick deliveries.

no reviews

The reviews on are not as positive. Some people complained about receiving medicine whose packaging had clearly been opened. They also encountered several annoying delays on the platform.


Even though it has a lot working in its favor, this website earns a rating of 2 stars. The absence of accreditation from internationally recognized bodies is worrisome.

Some of the reviews are also concerning.

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