Reviews – Advertises Illegal Drugs is an e-pharmacy that describes itself as “the #1 online drugstore in the USA”. Furthermore, it markets its apparent fast delivery speed. There are a number of ways to get in touch with the customer service team of this e-commerce website. Such as by the US phone number provided, Whatsapp, and also live chat. We are going to be publicly sharing our findings on the way this online pharmacy operates below. 

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-05-12
LocationUnited States
Business Info
NameNew Care Online Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1(213) 538-8313
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

The domain of this pharmaceutical platform was first bought by its current owners on the 12th of May 2020, before it was updated on the 3rd of May 2021. During its last update, the domain’s ownership was extended until the 12th of May 2022.


Contrary to reliable publicly available information, this e-commerce website claims to have been operating since June 2012. Such claims cannot be verified and are likely untrue.

Business Profile

The e-commerce drugstore has been registered through a third-party company called Shinjiru which is located in Malaysia. To add to this, Shinjiru’s main selling point is helping individuals to hide their identity online when registering a website. Furthermore, we were shocked to find out that this drugstore website is open about the fact that it is involved in selling illicit substances on what is known as the ‘dark web.


On Scam Adviser this pharmaceutical platform has a trust score of 44 out of 100. The e-pharmacy is labeled as ‘suspicious’ since it is believed that it is based in a high-risk country and also uses a free email service as a contact email. 

Regulatory Approval

No reliable evidence exists online that this online drugstore is a member of any regulatory organizations such as MIPA, the CPA, or CIPA. It is not surprising due to the fact that the e-pharmacy is offering to sell all of the major types of illegal recreational drugs. On Legit Script this internet pharmacy is described as ‘rogue’ because it is violating pharmaceutical laws on purpose.


Products & Pricing

This pharmaceutical platform allows its users to register an account. From there on, this registered account can be used to track every single one of the orders made through this particular account. There are only a few product categories in this e-commerce drugstore. The majority of them happen to be non-medical product sections and also illegal to sell to everyday consumers. 

  • Track Your Order In addition, there is a ‘Track Your Order’ page where customers can track their orders by simply entering their ID. Depending on the type of shipping method, you will be able to get an exact estimate of how much longer the delivery will take to be fulfilled.
  • Blog A blog page does exist on the online pharmacy. However, this page is empty, there is simply no content on it. It is a worrying development to find out that the online drugstore is not even complete. 
  • Bulk Order Discounts – Very large discounts are promoted to shoppers that purchase drugs from this e-pharmacy in large quantities. The larger the quantity, the higher the discount. 
  • Language Choices – A drop-down menu is visible in the top right of the e-commerce platform. From there, customers are able to choose from over 100 different languages that the drugstore platform will be automatically translated into. This translation feature is powered by Google Translate.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – In addition, there is a money-back guarantee on orders made from this pharmacy platform. There is a lack of information about how this guarantee functions. 

Payment & Shipping

Three different types of payment methods are presented on this e-commerce website. First of all, you can pay using credit cards from big firms such as Visa or Mastercard. On the other hand, you can also pay using major wire transfer providers such as Western Union and MoneyGram. More interestingly, you can pay using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin which are highly anonymous and nonrefundable. 

methods of payment

Details about shipping are scarce, you have to first add products to your shopping basket and then register an account before you get any information about the shipping options. In total there are two shipping options, first, there is Standard shipping which costs $20 and takes from 3 to 8 business days. To add to this, there is overnight shipping that costs $50. 

cost of shipping

Customer Feedback

Four independent and trustworthy reviews are present online. One out of the four is located on a small pharmacy review website while the other three are present on TrustPilot. We can confirm that every single one of these reviews is negative and give a score of 1 star out of 5. All of the reviews on Trustpilot are complaints from presumably real customers who claim that they have been scammed.

negative comment

There are also testimonials located on the drugstore website. A lot more testimonials are located on the online pharmacy itself rather than on the rest of the internet. Moreover, a major contrast exists between the third-party feedback and the feedback hosted on the pharmacy website. The contrast is in that the feedback on the pharmacy platform is all positive while the reliable independent reviews have nothing good to say. 


To conclude, advertises illegal drugs. Despite this, even if you do order any of the products listed on this pharmacy website you will not receive anything in return. There are multiple reports from real victims of this online drugstore who claim that once they paid they were ignored. We urge you to avoid this pharmacy website as it will bring you nothing but frustration and loss of funds. 

Taking into account the different kinds of evidence gathered, we will have to give a score of 1 star out of 5.

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  1. This is a total scam, they stolen my money and never send nothing, they said I need to send money to them like a family member trough paypal. Please be careful, someone need to stop this guys!!!


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