Reviews – Uncertified Pharmacy claims to be a certified online pharmacy with many reliable medicines. They also stated that their top priority is the satisfaction of their customers. So they make sure to be a trustworthy drugstore. However, upon doing a thorough review of the website, we learned that they are uncertified.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-10-17
Business Info
NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-888-524-7141
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

Upon checking the domain information, we learned that it is registered in Eranet International Limited. It was recorded on October 17, 2020, and will expire on the same date this 2022. The website was last updated last September 01, 2021. Hence, it can be assessed that the website is inactive.


When a pharmacy is inactive, it can’t guarantee that it can process your orders or deliver them on time. Furthermore, if you pay it online, it may clog your money, resulting in a bad customer experience. That’s why it is called a scam.

Business Profile

Online Pharmacy is an e-commerce website that offers anyone a wide range of medicines. They claim to be a team of professionals running the website; however, no contact details nor names were disclosed for checking. It means that their claim is not backed up by proof and hence will not be considered a fact.


Moreover, when the website was run in Scam Adviser for checking, it was discovered to have a low trust rate of 50/100. The Scam Checker labeled the website a suspicious company that should not be trusted easily.

Regulatory Approvals

To ensure that the website offers trustworthy products, it should have some approvals. However, as we searched the website in the CIPA verification check, the website was not found. It was also not found in NABP, concluding that this online pharmacy is not a 100% scam but it is also not approved. Not having a certification means that the website does not have a reliable manufacturer of their medicines.

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Product and Pricing

The online pharmacy features a lot of consistent discounts because it was inactive. The reason behind it is that they are using the promos as bait to lure customers into buying.


So, if a shop offers the promo permanently, they modify the price to look as if you are saving money upon purchasing them. The website also provides different medicines such as Tentex forte, Zudena, Tastylia, etc.

Payment and Shipping

Upon ordering a product in the online drugstore, you will be given options whether to buy in packs or strips. They will also illustrate what your parcel will look like. There’s also a regular private letter. They only offer one shipping method, which is EMS.

Delivery Details

EMS is the shipping option that takes 5-9 business days. The price of this shipping is precisely $30. They can ship worldwide with an anonymity and confidentiality guarantee. They also promise a safe and secure delivery with 100% delivery success. This is a good credit for the website, considering how they are willing to deliver worldwide. However, they don’t offer to monitor, so you can’t guarantee the delivery date.



To finish the assessment, we decided to run the website with different testimonials and review tools. However, there are no reviews available in My Wot, which will supposedly display testimonials regarding a website. Because of that, we really can’t trust the website’s quality and guarantee. You can’t rely on this website if you’re considering your health.



We have concluded that the website is not a legitimate pharmacy. You can’t fully trust a website that only has statements without backup and facts. We have gathered enough information regarding the online pharmacy that can prove that it is a scam. Overall, it can be concluded that:

  • The website is inactive and has not been updated for a year.
  • The website offers consistent price drops and discounts which indicates that they are modifying the prices to lure customers.
  • The website is uncertified and does not contain any regulatory approvals like CIPA.
  • Even though they offer good delivery service, it doesn’t guarantee the quality of their medicine.

Medicine is an important factor. It’s not a simple product that you can wear because you’ll consume it. Drinking a fake drug may only worsen your health. Hence, with all these conclusions, we decided to rate with 1 out of 5 stars.

It is an uncertified and scam pharmacy.

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