Reviews – Very Popular Canadian Pharmacy is an online Canadian drugstore that claims to be the most independently 5-star rated and reviewed online drugstore in the world. They also claim to be the leader in the delivery of inexpensive high-quality medicines for over a decade and during this period, they have fulfilled over 2 million prescriptions while over 350,000 of their previous customers have independently reviewed them in public platforms.

Domain Info
Registration Date2005-09-27
LocationCanada, US
Business Info
NameNorth West
Phone Numbers1-866-539-5330
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Information

We began our investigation by checking its domain history. The pharmacy’s WhoIs details show the domain was initially registered on 27th September 2005 and its set to expire on 13th July 2024.


This is quite a long lifespan for domain suggesting a strong business with a good reputation enough to call it a reliable business. The registrar of this domain is EasyDNS Technologies Inc and the domain’s loading speed is slow as it shares its server with 3 other websites.

Business Profile

It seems like the owner of this business wants to remain anonymous while running the business, according to the business’ ScamAdviser details. However, the pharmacy is located in Dufferin St., Toronto, Canada and they do have an office in the address provided.


Reaching out to them is also very easy and we were able to contact them via their telephone number provided on their website. Their support staff also seemed to be very amiable and cooperative. Another good sign for the pharmacy is it has a 100% trust score on ScamAdviser and also very popular on Alexa rankings with significantly high traffic.

Regulatory Approvals

In terms of regulatory approval, the pharmacy is a member of CIPA and IPABC and has their seal on their Home page. To verify those seals, we clicked them and both of the seals opened a new window displaying their respective certificate.


Apart from that, the pharmacy is also Shopper Approved certified and you can verify them by clicking their seal available on their Home page.

Available Products

The pharmacy offers three types of drugs – Prescription, Non-Prescription, and Pet Medication. Their inventory is pretty large covering a wide range of illnesses and conditions. They sell both branded and generic drugs.


Some of their product categories include:

  • Allergy, Anxiety, Antibiotics
  • Blood Pressure, Cancer
  • Cholesterol, Diabetes
  • Hair Loss, Kidney Disorders

Product Pricing

The pricing of their drugs is quite reasonable, it is neither too expensive nor too cheap like rogue pharmacies. There are no hidden charges as many customers have noted in their reviews.


Most of their drugs are sourced and dispensed from Canada, US, UK, Turkey, and Mauritius based pharmacies, but they do sometimes source some of their generic drugs from countries like India, EU, Israel, etc in case of unavoidable reasons.

Payment Options

The pharmacy offers 3 convenient ways to their customers while placing their order – online, by mail or fax, and by phone. They do have a dedicated How to Order page with all their 25 product categories listed for their new customers.

They support Visa and Mastercard as their payment options and if your final order is over $1000, then you need to fill out an additional Order Form along with supporting documents. The platform is fully secure via Norton Shopping Guarantee and Trust Guard seal.

Shipping Methods

Their shipping charge is a single flat fee of $9.99 and they run special offers on certain products for which the shipping is completely free.


However, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, they were forced to implement an additional $10.00 increase on their shipping charge making the final shipping charge $19.99. They usually take around 8 to 18 business days to ship their parcels, but with the current situation, it may take some additional time, so you need to stay patient.

Customer Testimonials

Their testimonial page some good amount of reviews that are very detailed and look genuine. They even made a movie showcasing their journey through all these years. The platform is also integrated with Shopper Approved platform and you will find tons reviews on their platform with an extremely high customer satisfaction rate of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The situation is quite similar in TrustPilot too, where the pharmacy enjoys healthy customer feedback on its products and services.

positive comments


Our investigation concludes that this pharmacy is a legitimate venture with a strong and reliable track record. If you are looking to buy from them, then you can safely proceed without any worries. However, due to the ongoing crisis, you need to stay patient if your parcel does not arrive within the stipulated period.

We give a 4.5 out of 5 stars based on our investigation.

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