Reviews – Avoid Russian Pharmacies is an online pharmacy that claims to be a longstanding IT company, that has branched into the world of pharmaceuticals. They proudly boast of their outstanding commitment to customer safety, however, we find it important to verify any claims made by a pharmacy. We do so, to ensure the safety of all present and potential future customers.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-02-18
Business Info
Phone Numbers+1-888-724-0478
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Domain Information

Unfortunately, this company did not openly post any information on the location of their company. We found this odd, as a company stating that they have been around for over 15 years, should have no issue publicly posting their information. They do not even have proper contact information documented, to look into the area codes of phone numbers, etc.


However, upon looking into this company’s domain particulars online, we were able to see that this company was first publicly established on February 18th, 2020. Furthermore, we noticed that the vast majority of company information was redacted for privacy. Also, we noticed that the location for registrant and administrative was stated as being located in Ural, Russia.

Russia is considered an incredibly high-risk country to purchase medications from, especially in the current state of affairs overseas. We would highly recommend against supporting any Russian companies.

Business Profile

Similarly, to information on the company’s location, there is no documented information on company employees. This sort of information is important, as it shows a level of transparency with customers. Doctors and pharmacists alike will have licenses in order to continue practicing. Therefore, even e-pharmacies should have this information openly displayed.


As we were very unsure of the status of this e-company, we wanted to get the opinion of a third-party source. On Scam Adviser, this e-pharmacy has received a terrible score of 1/100. This score was coupled with warnings that this website is not optimized for search engines, it does not have many visitors, nor is it trusted by Trend Micro.

Regulatory Approval

In terms of regulations and licenses, we can confirm that this e-pharmacy does not hold any. They have been reported by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and clearly do not hold a license with them because of this. This company is also listed as “rogue” on Legit Script, further proving an increasing lack of trust and reliability.


When a company holds no proper licenses, this is a crucial factor for customers to take into consideration. This means that a company openly negates proper testing and safety ratings on their products, including those that are consumed. This means that there is absolutely no legitimacy over their medications.

Products and Pricing

This is another e-pharmacy that carries products within an abundance of categories of medicine. All of these products include information on pricing and dosages. They do claim that all products are “tested and licensed” according to the World Food and Drug Administration (WFDA). However, we have already verified that this claim is false.


Some of the categories of medicine that are included on this site are:

  • ADD & ADHD, Antibiotics
  • Coronavirus
  • Men’s Health, Women’s Health
  • Hair Loss, Pain Relief
  • Herbal, Skin Care

Payments and Shipping

In terms of payment methods, this company offers the following options to customers:

  • Visa, Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Bitcoin, PayPal
payment method

In terms of shipping information, the company provides the following:

  • International Delivery Service: 25-60 working days, at the cost of $34.95 USD
  • US Priority Mail: 3-6 working days, at the cost of $35.00 USD
  • EU Priority Mail: 6-9 working days, at the cost of $30.00 USD

They also ensure to state that no refunds are available after an order has been dispatched.


This e-pharmacy does not have a section on their website devoted to reviews or testimonials. There is a section under each medication to leave a comment, however, we were unable to find a single submitted review.

no reviews

This is much the same on all popular third-party rating sites that we looked into. Trustpilot, for example, has zero submitted reviews and the website has been left unclaimed by the ownership.


In conclusion, is not an e-pharmacy that we would recommend the use of. Not only do they hold no licenses or regulatory practices, but they also lack an abundance of documented information and overall transparency with their customers. We can also not forget to mention the fact that this company is operated out of Russia – a very high-risk company.

Because of this, we give this e-pharmacy a 1-star rating.

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