Reviews – Currently Inactive is a European website. They are either American or Swedish. At the moment, their origins are still muddled, and that makes them suspicious because people expect transparency from the online drugstores they use. Unfortunately, that is just the first of many weaknesses in their profile.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-04-27
Business Info
NameOnline Pharmacy Hub
Phone Numbers+1 213 2610463
Regulatory Bodies
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Domain Details

They came into existence a year ago (as of this moment) on the 27th of April 2020. Unless the owner acts in the next few months, the domain won’t exist for much longer. It is supposed to expire in 2022, which is less than a year from now. 


Their domain is using a privacy service that has allowed the owner to hide all the vital information surrounding his business. Scams have been known to use such tactics.

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If you need a stronger reason to dismiss them, ScamAdviser gave them a rating of 0 percent. But that isn’t all. The resource also found that the site is no longer active. It based its rating on a previous scan. This should concern you. You cannot afford to give your money to a store that is no longer active. 

0 percent

Business Profile

People are more likely to believe that the pharmacy is American because it has a business address that places them in Los Angeles, California. However, their address (2201 W Temple Street) is fishy. It is home to a pharmacy. But that pharmacy uses a different name (California Medical Pharmacy). The owner hasn’t provided any information connecting the pharmacy in Los Angeles to their online shop.

US location

And until they provide evidence proving that the physical pharmacy owns the online drugstore, you have to assume that the address published on the platform is fake

This puts the store in a difficult position because they have given consumers a very good reason to assume that they are lying. They have made their situation even worse by pricing their drugs in pounds. You would expect an American store to use dollars. 

They have admitted that their drugs come from the EU. But that doesn’t justify their decision to use pounds. That decision would only make sense if their platform was a referral service. A referral service doesn’t own the drugs it sells. 

It connects patients to suppliers overseas. Any products that consumers want are shipped directly from the suppliers. The referral service doesn’t handle the medicine

If this portal is a referral service, they have to work even harder to prove their legitimacy because most referral services are shady. Fortunately, their website has a decent design. This encourages people to take them seriously. Though, it should be noted that they have both American and Swedish phone numbers, hence the suggestion that they may hail from Sweden. Again, customers hate such confusion. 

They encounter so many scams on the internet that they have been trained to avoid any portals with profiles that are even slightly alarming. This company’s profile is definitely problematic. 

Regulatory Authorization

As was mentioned before, the site is inactive. As such, it is unsurprising to learn that LegitScript doesn’t recognize them. They don’t even appear in the platform’s database. 

Available Products

They sell sexual supplements for men. The content on their platform is designed to appeal to men that are struggling to perform sexually in bed. Their products are attractive because they are delivered discreetly. The company’s male patients do not have to worry about revealing their ailments to other people.


The site also sells medications that are concerned with illnesses like:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Loss of Hair
  • Chronic pain
  • Heart Disease
  • Gastrointestinal Complications, etc.

Payments and Deliveries

Their prices are suspiciously low. Some of their products are available for up to 70 percent less than the prices you would normally encounter in your local medical shop.


They offer a variety of payment options, including:

  • Wire Transfer
  • JCB and BTC
  • PayPal
  • AmEx
  • MasterCard and Visa

They use Standard Registered Mail for deliveries. It takes a maximum of 15 business days. Purchases of 200 pounds or more are shipped for free. 



Unfortunately, they don’t have reviews, so you have no way of determining the quality of the services they offer.

no reviews


The fact that they are inactive earns them a rating of 1 star. Stay away from rogue businesses.

Read our online pharmacy reviews and be careful.

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