Reviews – Avoid At All Costs is a website that offers different pills to customers that claim their business has been around for seven years. Another of their outlandish claims is that they provide one of the highest quality medications at affordable prices that you can’t get anywhere else. They also state that they are a Canadian company that has been in operation for seven years despite having another address in another country. There are so many lies and hyperboles shared throughout business life, and it’s going to be detrimental for people who are earnestly trying to patch their health by buying some of these pills. 

Domain Info
Registration Date2016-12-17
LocationGreat Britain
Business Info
NameCanada Drugs
Phone Numbers+1-800-715-5341
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Name Information 

The database where their domain name can be found shows that they have been around for quite some time, more specifically in 2016. While this may not pose an exceptionally long time, it still indicates that they are respectfully in business but not as reliable as more significant and older pharmaceutical companies. 


There are also details of a person or organization that registered the domain name. This information is very limited to the amount of context that keeps it vague and unwarranted on legitimacy. Furthermore, it only tells you that it is in Texas. It’s a scam when you see one entity out there with really scarce information about themselves that won’t put them on notice in the public eye.

There are many aspects that make the domain not legit like unavailable coverages in phone lines and addresses that are displayed differently in other sites as well in promotional materials. There are just too many inconsistencies when it comes to the domain name and its details which should concern anyone who visits the site. 

Business Profile 

While there is undoubtedly a business name and address on the front page of the contact’s page, the business is not in Texas, as they may have more domain records that show they are in different countries. For instance, one document shows they are in the Czech Republic, which is too far off from the United States and Canada, two countries they previously claimed they are situated in. 


Some addresses are associated with larger online pharmaceutical companies that are closely related to this one. This alone should tell you that it is a massive scam and should never be visited by an individual seeking quality pharmaceutical products. Also, businesses who make logos that appear to be deceptive, like “Canada Drugs?” are a huge red flag to make the American market think that they will receive high-quality products


No approval or certifications can be found in full display on the site. It will leave customers leaving the moment they find out that no certificate of approval authenticates the site. When it comes to medical products, it should especially go through so many processes wherein you verify that the products are safe to use. Without such a marker that it has been reviewed by the FDA or any organization that safeguards the production and selling of medical bills, it’s highly not recommended to pursue the company further and see it as a scam at this point. 


Always look for an approval certification from a known organization, especially government entities, before buying a pharmaceutical product anywhere.

Payments and Shipping 

When you order a piece of product from this online pharmacy, you are given the option of several payment methods.


They are:

  • Visa
  • Bitcoin 
  • PayPal 
  • Mastercard 

Shipping costs will go from either $14.95 or $24.95, depending on the region. Products sold will be delivered through Airmail or Express Mail. Airmail usually takes 2-3 weeks, while Express should give you about 3-8 days of waiting time plus tracking. Free shipping is also offered for Airmail if cargo goes over $200, and Express shipping is free if the load goes for over $300. 


On the website’s page named “Testimonials”, we can see some testimonials without any dates so they look fake. Also, there is a form below where you can write your own review inserting your name, e-mail, and message, and submit it.



It’s safe to say that is not recommended for anyone serious about getting legitimate medication. The website is full of questionable sources and has incomplete and untrustworthy information that’s incredibly inconsistent. You’re better off somewhere else where you can find more legitimate sources of pills that are good for your health.

This pharmacy deserves a 1 star out of 5, which means you should never visit the site at all.

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