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With our review, it is a great source of information for consumers. This will allow you to know if they are selling the best deals and quality of drugs or not. It will also be helpful if you are a new customer who are looking to make informed decisions about your health and know if the company is safe or a scam.

Domain Info
Registration Date2015-01-20
Business Info
NameOnline USA Drugstore
Phone Numbers+1 (855) 427 7780
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Business Data

OnlineUsaDrugstore24 is one of the online drugstores that sells medicine affordably. They don’t sell medicines that is under federation control thus a prescription is not needed. As the name implies, it is registered under United States.

The very first thing you’ll notice in visiting the website is the lack of security. Beside on the website’s link is the not “not secure” meaning that the online drugstore is not safe to deal with. A sign that you should worry.

Domain Details

The company has a registration ID of 1897036526_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN. The website domain was created on January 2015 and will expire on January 2023 with an update done the July of this year. The company’s IP location can be traced to California, United states with a domain status of active and registered.


Business Profile

Any online website needs to spend time in making sure that the website is well design and has a complete information. This is the key not only to attract customer but also made them engage in the website. This will serve as your tool to convince them for purchase.


The company is in predominantly white color with a touch of orange hue. Aside from the displayed contact number, the location is not displayed in there. Aside from this, there is no mention of the company’s date of creation, location and owner. Basically the company is hidden and there is no “About Us” section.

No matter how it may appear, this is another sign that the company is a scam and dangerous to deal with because of the lack transparency on information.

Approved Regulations

Any company, whether it has physical store or not, should have the necessary documents that backs the legitimacy of their service. In this case, being an online drugstore, approval from recognized body institution should be there.

There are numbers of regulatory bodies that offers online checking of companies particularly in pharmaceutical industries. An FDA and CPA logo was published in their website but this is not sufficient.

rogue status

Upon checking, there are some concerning results. In LegitScript it was deemed as rogue. This means that the company is illegal and unsafe.

In NABP, it is strongly recommended not to buy in here. In fact, it is part on the site’s “Not Recommended List” because of its fraudulent activity by selling unsafe medicines in their website.

Product Listing & Price Listing

The online pharmacy divided their products in 25 categories which is located on the left side of the screen once you visit them. As they claim that their medicines are low cost, you’ll find that the prices are between $0.29 for vitamin C and $454.21 for Levitra.


Settlement & Distribution

The online pharmacy allows people to pay their orders using credit cards and debit cards of all company.

payment info

Here are some of the examples:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express and others

Transportation Details

The company caters customer worldwide. Although the company is located in the US, the products will be shipped out from the manufacturer which is in India.

The order will be ship after 24 hours. During this duration, you have the option to cancel or change your order. After this time, it will not be allowed.


Depending on your location, the package will arrive within 7 days or 3 weeks. They do not offer return option since no one can guarantee the condition of the package in transit.

Customer Feedback

There is no testimonial section found in the website. To dig deeper for this article, we had located several websites and look for information when it comes to this company.

The well-known testimonial website named TrustPilot, MyWot and ResellerRating has no data regarding the company’s reviews. No matter how poplar or not is your website, receiving a zero review is impossible.

no results

In ScamAdviser, it receives a trustscore of 1/100. This means that the online pharmacy is doing some scam and the website had reiterated the recommendations created by NABP.

low rating

In addition, ScamAnalyze, gave a NA or not available rank out from 30 million websites available online because of how suspicious it is. It is unsafe and browsing in here may harm your device including the personal information attached on it.


In a nutshell, the company is considered as scam for multiple reasons. The lack of transparency in information, the not secure note attached on its URL, lack of approval from LegitScript and the Not Recommended list from NABP, and the low trust scores along with the ratings it received. With our review, these reasons are enough to conclude that the company is a scam and deserve the overall 1-star rating it has.

Remember, don’t be fooled and don’t waste your time visiting this website.

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