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Are you looking for an online pharmacy that is safe and can be trusted? If yes, then please look no further as you have certainly come to the right page! In this review, we are going to talk about OnMen.ca – an internet drugstore that’s selling a range of medications. Should you want to reveal more details about this online drugstore, then please check the detailed and unbiased review below for all the details.

Domain Info
Registration Date2018-10-02
Business Info
Phone Numbers1-877-286-6636
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

We will start this article with the domain info of the website. The domain has been registered on 2018-10-02. Considering that the site is operating since 2018, we can mention that the pharmacy is around 2-3 years old, not more than that.


Thus, this pharmacy is still a bit newbie, we will suggest you be careful. Other domain-related details are redacted for privacy. For example, domain registrant name, organization, address, fax, and email – all this info is redacted as per WhoIs.

Business Profile

We have already covered all the details of the domain in the above sections. Let’s now find out the business profile information of this online pharmacy in this section. Please note that ScamAdviser hasn’t completely approved this site and mentioned it to be a risky one

no info

Please note that ScamAdviser has even provided it with a 69% trust score. This clearly implies that the site is not 100% genuine. The business profile-related details like business name, organization name, and address details are redacted for privacy.

The website’s owner is using a service to hide the business owner’s identity. Thus, you should be a bit careful if you’re planning to purchase medicines from this site.

Regulatory Approvals

We will need to find out if this pharmacy is a certified one! To validate this, we had previously checked LegitScript and noticed that they have no approvals for this platform.

no data

Well, that’s a pity! But, let’s try to figure out why this platform does not have approval yet.

  • First of all, it is still a newbie pharmacy.
  • Secondly, the pharmacy’s owner details and domain details are redacted for privacy.
  • The site is selling different types of medicines, but the quality of these medicines can’t be verified.

Considering all these four facts, LegitScript does not have any info about this site.

Products and Pricing

Let’s categorize the types of available medicines in this drugstore.


The following types of medicines are currently available on this platform:

  • Men’s health
  • Haircare
  • PrEp
  • T levels check
  • Online counseling

Now, speaking more about the pricing of the medicines, the pricing is quite affordable. Plus, there’s an option to go for monthly subscriptions. Online counseling, it takes approximately $0-$150 medical consultation fee, depending on the treatment you have selected. 

Payment and Shipping

Are you now wondering which payment options are available for you to place an order with this pharmacy website?  Well, there are different payment options available including credit card and debit card-based payments.

free delivery

As per the FAQ sections, every single order is shipped via an overnight shipping policy. Once you have placed an order, the pharmacy will validate the prescription, complete its mandatory formalities, and then dispatch the orders.

Currently, this pharmacy delivers the orders to the following locations in Canada, such as British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Delivery Timeline

The delivery timeline is not mentioned as such. But, since all your orders are dispatched through overnight shipping, you can expect the orders to be delivered within a few days if you are residing in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. For any assistance, you can reach out to customer service at the email address – [email protected]

Customer Testimonials

This drugstore has received very few customer reviews. The overall customer reviews are moderate.  Customers have shared moderate feedback about this online drugstore. 



OnMen.ca may not be a scam pharmacy! But, this platform is not a completely legit site. You can mainly purchase men’s related medicines and products from this pharmacy. We will recommend you be careful. We have rated this online drugstore with 3 stars.

You should be careful if you are placing an order with this pharmacy website.

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