OverNightPharm.com Reviews – Strictly Avoid This Drugstore

Is OverNightPharm.com a legit drugstore platform? Can you really trust this drugstore platform? Or, the pharmacy is simply running a rogue business and it must be avoided? Well, you can now know more about this platform through our honest and unbiased review. This review will provide you all the details about this pharmacy including its domain info, business profile details, regulatory approvals, products and pricing, and more.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-08-22
LocationUS, Switzerland
Business Info
Phone Numbers+1-866-877-11-87
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

This drugstore platform is a complete newbie. They have registered the domain only a while ago. The domain registration date is mentioned as 2020-08-22 and thus you can clearly understand that the pharmacy has less than a month of experience in this underlying area. The domain expiry date is mentioned as 2025-08-22. Let’s now quickly summarize the key facts of this platform and its domain info:

  • The domain has been registered very recently
  • The site is completely new and inexperienced
  • The site has shared some invalid and anonymized domain registrant contact info

For example, the domain registrant contact name is mentioned as Privacy Administrator and it belongs to an organization named Anonymize, Inc. Based on this info, we can clearly mention that the drugstore has some issues with their domain profile. The platform has attempted to anonymize the domain registrant contact info.

Business Profile

If you really want to know whether this pharmacy platform holds a valid business profile or not, then please take a quick look at this section. Well, we have collected and consolidated all this info via ScamAdviser. Here’s the list of findings that we have accumulated while researching on this pharmacy:

  • The website is new and hence it appears to be an untrustworthy and unreliable pharmacy. The platform has not yet gathered any customer reputation
  • The platform has missed one basic security protocol i.e. it does not have an SSL certificate
  • The website setup involves three different countries like the United States, Switzerland, and Germany
  • The business owner’s name and organization name are both anonymous

Regulatory Approvals

This newbie drugstore platform that has started operating only a month ago, has failed to obtain any regulatory approvals. We have checked it via LegitScript and they do not have any info about this pharmacy site. Hence, OverNightPharm.com’s claim of being a reliable and reputable drugstore platform is apparently fake. This pharmacy is operating without any regulatory approval seals.

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Products and Pricing

The drugstore platform has kept a wide variety of medicine pills available on their website. As a customer, you will be able to place an order for your required prescription medicines through this site. In addition to it, the site has kept the drug pricing as low as possible. For instance, most of the drugs will cost you less than a dollar per pill.


We suspect that the quality of these medicines is extremely poor and that’s why the pharmacy has been able to keep the drug pricing such a low rate. Therefore, you are not recommended to intake these poor-quality medicines.

Payment and Shipping

The drugstore has the option of payment via credit card. If you hold any of the major credit cards, then you should be able to place an order with this pharmacy site.


Once your payment is done and confirmed, your orders will be dispatched through two shipping options, such as Express International Mail and Standard International Airmail. Both of these two shipping options will charge you a shipping fee. For Standard International Airmail, the shipping fee is less compared to the Express International Mail service. Express International Mail charges you more fee but it provides you better facilities, such as tracking number and speedier delivery.

  • The timeline for Express International Mail is 5-9 business days after the dispatch
  • For Standard International Airmail, it takes 10-21 business days after the shipment is dispatched

Customer Reviews

We have tried to find out if this drugstore has received any real-time customer reviews or not. We have validated it through TrustPilot but we have found that the site has not received any testimonials. The drugstore has no reviews and ratings.

no reviews


OverNightPharm.com is a rogue pharmacy. The drugstore platform is not even one month old.

We have rated it with only 1 star.

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