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Most consumers look at the price of the medicines while ordering them. However, this approach is erroneous. You need to verify the details of the pharmacy to ensure that it is genuine and only then order from this website. We will help you with such due diligence. Our review will highlight this pharmacy’s details and let you know whether you should order medicines from this website or not.

Domain Info
Registration Date2022-04-10
Business Info
NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-888-524-7141
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Company Information

Your research should start from the pharmacy’s about us page. When you look at that page, the pharmacy states that it sells generic and branded medicines. It also claims that the pharmacy has 5 million customers. However, it does not give you a way to verify its claims. Apart from this, the information provided is pretty generic. It means that you cannot completely trust this page of the pharmacy.

Domain Details

While researching the pharmacy, it is essential to check the domain age of the pharmacy. That will help you understand how many years the pharmacy has been in competition. The problem with this pharmacy is that it registered the domain only in April 2022. It means that it is hardly a couple of months old. When ordering medicines from a pharmacy, it is a good idea to go with one that has been around for a considerable time. Since this pharmacy is still in the nascent stage, you should avoid going with this pharmacy.


Business Profile

You would want to dig deeper into the pharmacy details before making your final decision. However, if you have tried to extract the company details, you will know that the pharmacy uses domain privacy protection. Whether you try to find out about the phone number, address, or the email address of the pharmacy, it is really difficult to find out the same because of this privacy protection.


The only information you will get is that the company is situated in Russia. That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence either. The pharmacy is using privacy protection certainly makes it seem like a scam.

Regulatory Authorities

The FAQ page states that the generic pills are from FDA approved companies. But, this claim does not mean much. To ensure that the medicines comply with the FDA, you need every drug passed through the FDA. Since the pharmacy does not mention that, you can safely assume that the drugs are not FDA-approved.

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There is another red flag, however. At the bottom part of the homepage, you will notice that there are icons of FDA, CIPA, etc., the pharmacy states that these are the awards and certificates which it won. However, it does not provide anything to verify the same. When you look at the FAQ page or the about us page also, there is no mention of the same. So, the pharmacy is trying to mislead you. Because of the same, it is a good idea to avoid ordering medicines from here.

Available Products

One thing you cannot take away from this particular pharmacy. It has a pretty large inventory.


The inventory is across categories like:

  • Asthma, Birth control, Blood pressure
  • Diabetes, Erectile dysfunction
  • Hair loss, Eye drop, General health

In these categories, there are plenty of generic medicines available.


It might seem like this pharmacy’s medicines are pretty affordable. However, the homepage has the per pill pricing listed. When you compare it with other pharmacies selling generic medicines, you will realize that the pharmacy is not that affordable. If you’re planning to order just because it is cheap, it is time to analyze the prices once again.


Payments and Deliveries

The pharmacy accepts Visa, MasterCard, ACH, diners club, and JCB. Due to the same, the payment methods which you get are numerous. That way, paying for your order wouldn’t be a problem.


The pharmacy allows you standard airmail delivery, taking up to 30 days. It also offers trackable delivery service, which will take 21 days. Both the shipping methods are pretty slow. That is why; you might not get the medicines on time.

Customer Reviews

On trustpilot, there are no reviews. That is understandable because the pharmacy has been around for just a couple of months.

fake comments

There is a testimonials page also. However, the dates on those testimonials are from 2020. Since the domain is just a couple of months old, these reviews cannot be trusted.

Conclusion has too many red flags. It cannot be trusted either. Consequently, there is no point in ordering medicines from this website.

We can give it only one star out of five.

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