Reviews – Don’t Opt-In is a recognized pharmaceutical service that mostly deals with generic pharmaceuticals manufactured by quality-assured producers from developing nations. These producers come from emerging regions. This helps lower the total cost of the medications without impacting their effectiveness or safety in any way. This post will walk you through the findings of our review and explain why we consider them to be the most egregious type of scam.

Domain Info
Registration Date2021-06-16
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Phone Numbers+13129407051
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Domain Info

The domain was registered on June 16, 2021. However, it will expire on the same date the following year (2023); in other words, they have only been business for just one year, but they have numerous claims as though they had expanded to many nations. The most recent change to the website took place on June 18, 2022.


Business Profile

The online drugstore seeks to deliver health benefits to individuals from all around the world. Based on the company’s internal data, 67 percent of clients who place an initial order return within one month to become proven repeat customers.

low rating

The pharmacy website has been labeled with a yellow tag by Scam Adviser, indicating that suspicious activity has been found on the webpage. This concern may be discovered by a specific victim of fraud or by website experts themselves. As of now, the drugstore in issue has a reputation rating of 1/100, which is significantly lower than trustworthy websites.

Regulatory Approvals

The pharmacy website does not necessarily indicate possessing licenses and authorizations that allow them to distribute pills throughout the world. However, before we can be certain of their dependability, we need to determine whether or not they possess any of it at all. After investigating the company’s regulatory approvals and licensing, we discovered that neither CIPA nor NABP examines them. To demonstrate that this website is a fraud, additional investigations and analyses are required.


Products and Pricing

Tapentadol, carisoprodol, gabapentin, Neurontin, and benzodiazepine are some of the numerous pharmaceuticals that are available for the treatment of headaches as well as men’s health issues. They also sell prescriptions such as those for pain alleviation, the common cold, and even allergies.


The fact that all of these medications can be purchased in one location would appear to be handy, but the fact that they are relatively new in the pharmaceutical sector makes it suspect. It is fascinating to learn that they have stockpiles and inventory of these products in their possession. Because the prices are extremely low and frequently decreased, you need to exercise extreme caution while transacting business with them.

Payment and Shipping

As evidenced by the above example, the online pharmacy has only one payment and shipping method. First, payment is accepted through credit cards and Bitcoin, but no specific cards are listed as suitable for payment, which is somewhat misleading. The shipping method used is airmail at the cost of $34.12.


As usual, they will request your personal information and shipping address for purchase delivery. In accordance with their “paying first” policy, they do not handle unpaid orders. While this may appear to be acceptable, you cannot commit your payment to such a dubious website.

Delivery Details

It will take between 14 and 23 days for the merchandise to arrive in the United States if it is being shipped via the airmail method. This indicates that the wait time will increase proportionately with the distance you travel within the US.


One of our customers was able to provide feedback and they rated the company with one star. It was a testimonial from Trust Pilot, and Julio Lagos was the one who provided the feedback, which claimed, “After placing a few orders with them, I found out that I had been taken advantage of. You shouldn’t put your faith in this website; instead, look for information in a more reputable source.” With the help of this review, we can demonstrate that Pharmaceptica is a scam.

negative comment


The online pharmacy fabricated a great deal of information about their name, competence, and service. They have pledged efficient and convenient transactions with clients, yet these promises are empty. If you are searching for a legitimate drugstore, this is not it. You must instead locate pharmacies that are considered valuable by our reviews.

To conclude, we would like to confirm that the online pharmacy is a one-star scam.

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