Reviews – Obscure Profile has reportedly been in business since 2005. With a purported global network of licensed pharmacies, medications are supposedly shipped to various continents, including Asia, Europe, and North America. The pharmacy e-store apparently provides access to a wide range of brand and generic medications, which include prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, at affordable prices. Furthermore, the offered products are reported to be sourced from licensed pharmacies and manufacturers.

Domain Info
Registration Date2022-05-18
Business Info
NamePharma Offshore
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Domain Info

The pharmacy domain was recently registered on May 18th, 2022, which is less than 6 months at the time of writing. With so many scam websites surfacing every day, the pharmacy website has a higher chance of being one. In addition, the domain will expire after a year of its registration, on May 18th, 2023, unless renewed. The activation of the domain for just a year is another reason why the online drugstore might be a scam, as scam websites often have short-term registrations.


Furthermore, there is no information about the registrant, as the domain was registered by a third party. The anonymity, in addition to the recentness and short-term registration of the domain, shows a strong red flag about the illegitimacy of the online pharmacy.

Business Profile

The online pharmacy has an obscure business profile, with little to no information about the company. The company has claims of a global network of licensed pharmacies, but there is no information on these supposed branches or where the headquarters are. In addition, there is no information on the owner of the company on the pharmacy website.


Furthermore, there is no information on any of the staff employed by the company, or a telephone number at which the company can be reached. The absence of information about the company makes it very dangerous, as illegal and fraudulent activities can be confidently carried on the website, as there is no one to be held accountable. Business anonymity is also often a pattern of scam websites, which so far the online drugstore is exhibiting.

Website Clone

The pharmacy e-store shares the same identity as PharmaOffshore with another online pharmacy with a similar website: The online pharmacies share similar company information, a motto, FAQs, terms and conditions, and privacy policies, amongst other content. The web interfaces of the two online pharmacies are also similar. The intention behind cloned websites is often malicious, even though that wasn’t the intention behind the innovation.

Regulatory Approvals

The database of LegitScript was searched, and no results were found, likewise NABP, which is yet to review the pharmacy e-store.

no info

While assessment of the online drugstore by regulatory bodies can authoritatively show the business as either legitimate or not, its absence wouldn’t stop us from giving a strong review. One important point to consider is that the company doesn’t require prescription for prescription medications, which is enough to make it rogue or non-recommended.

Products and Pricing

The categories of medications evident on the pharmacy website include:

  • Asthma
  • Antibiotics
  • Cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Muscle Relaxants, etc.

The offered products are also reported to be at competitive prices.


Payment and Delivery

There are 3 payment options used by the company.


They include:

  • Credit cards: MasterCard, American Express, etc.
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin: 30% off

The shipping method used by the company is Express Mail Service (EMS). The shipping fee costs $29. The approximate duration of delivery is between 8 and 21 days to most countries.


There are customer testimonials on the pharmacy website, which are about the great service and products offered by the company. However, all the reviews were dated between 2008 and 2016, which is years before the pharmacy domain was registered, and no recent testimonials from customers. On the pharmacy website, a Trustpilot logo showing a total review number of 1,536 and 4.9 rating, can be found. This is a misleading information, as the online drugstore only has 1 review on Trustpilot, and a 3.6 rating.

one review


The online pharmacy might be recently registered and yet to be reviewed by regulatory bodies. Nevertheless, there is enough data to make a strong assessment of the company. The pharmacy e-store wasn’t founded in 2005, as claimed on the website, but registered in 2022. In addition, the domain and business ownership are anonymous, which is another characteristic of scam websites. Furthermore, the website is a clone of another online pharmacy, with malicious intent. Lastly, the online drugstore engages in illegal activities like the sale of prescription medications without requesting prescriptions.

Based on the identified factors, the online pharmacy will be deemed a scam and given a 1-star rating.

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