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You can easily fall to the generic claims by many online pharmacies that are too good to be true. Therefore, you must thoroughly research before buying your medicines because they can significantly affect your health. Our review will help you determine if it is legit or not.

Domain Info
Registration Date2003-07-31
Business Info
NamePharma Serve
Phone Numbers1-800-258-0477
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Unapproved
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Free Shipping

Company Info

The first thing you can do to check if a website is legit or not is to look at their About Us page. Unfortunately, the pharmacy does not have this page on their website, and we think they hide it on purpose. But this does not mean it is something you shouldn’t consider when buying medicine from the pharmacy.

Domain Details

This pharmacy domain has served clients within Canada and nearby cities for over two decades. This alone can be a good indication that this website is 100 percent legit. Being in the industry for several years shows confidence. And knowing how long a pharmacy operates online is an excellent factor in determining its illegibility.


Business Profile

Another way to ensure you deal with a legit pharmacy is by digging into its company details. However, this pharmacy is not transparent about its business profile. They use encrypted privacy protection, which shows that the company put a lot of effort into protecting their identity. And this might be a red flag. So, consider the business profile of a company or pharmacy before placing an order.


Regulatory Agencies

If you visit the pharmacy’s official website, you will notice that the homepage features an SSL logo, which shows that it is a licensed medical dealer. On the other hand, it all ends there. The website does not feature any certifications that show the drug quality.


Aside from that, you will also notice that the medicines they offer are not FDA-approved. Moreover, although the SSL certificate is issued by Let’s Encrypt, this might not be an ideal basis to know whether they are legit unless the certification is issued by CIPA or LegitScript.

Available Products

This online pharmacy offers a wide array of medicines that can treat various illnesses.


The top five most-commonly purchased medicines from this pharmacy include:

  • Saxenda, Lantus Solostar Pen
  • Ozempic, Basaglar KwikPen
  • and Humalog KwikPen 100

The website also categorized the medicines they sell, including prescription, insulin, and asthma. This allows you to quickly find the drug or pill you are searching for. Although this might be a good reason to buy from this pharmacy, make sure to take note of the red flags highlighted above.


The pharmacy offers some of the most affordable medications online. In fact, you can even find a medicine that will only cost you less than 20 Canadian dollars. Aside from that, they also occasionally offer discounts for customers with bulk orders. However, you are restricted to ordering medications good for three months only.

Payments and Deliveries

This online pharmacy gives you an encrypted way of paying online. The good thing about it is that they offer various payment method options, including credit cards (Discover, Mastercard, and Visa), Checks, and Sezzle.


On the other hand, they also work with different couriers to deliver your products safely and soundly. For example, they will ship your insulin orders through Canada Post. They also ensure to place the medications in an insulated Styrofoam container covered with ice packs and gel to preserve its shelf life.

Customer Reviews

This online pharmacy shows their trust rating from TrustPilot, which is 4.7; our team has confirmed this. This only shows that this web pharmacy is legit and can provide safe medications. Furthermore, many previous customers also shared positive reviews about the company and the medicines they received.

excellent rating


Although some aspects of the website are quite confusing and will let you question its legitimacy, we can say that this pharmacy is a legit online medicine supplier. It shows confidence and ensures to provide customers with the best services and products possible. Overall, we highly recommend you to check out some products from this pharmacy.

However, it is still essential to consider some minor red flags before making a decision.

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