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QualityDrugstoreShop.com is yet another online pharmaceutical company that claims to have been in business for the last twelve years. They also claim that all medications and products distributed are in compliance with the Drug and Cosmetics Act of India 1940. As these are very consistent claims to other illegitimate companies that we have searched for before, we felt very compelled to complete a thorough background check of this e-pharmacy. This will ensure the safety of any new or returning customers.

Domain Info
Registration Date2012-08-26
Business Info
NameTrusted Tabs
Phone Numbers+1-718-475-9088
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Shipping Options
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Domain Information 

When looking through the information provided by the company’s website, we were unable to find documented information on the overall location of the ownership. There were references to India, so we were under the impression that it was perhaps an Indian pharmacy. However, when looking at the publicly documented domain information, we found that this company’s registrant and administrative location is in Hong Kong, China. As China is deemed a high-risk country to purchase medications from, this is not a good sign.


Similarly, we wanted to look into the claim of being twelve years in business. This company was publicly registered on August 26th in 2012. This is clearly not quite ten years of business, as opposed to twelve. Regardless of it being considerably close, this is still proof of the falsified (or over-embellished) information on the pharmacy’s website.

Business Profile

Consistent with most illegitimate e-pharmacies, this company does not post any information on the ownership, the employees, the proper regulation practices, or even business licenses. This is a severe lack of transparency and should not go ignored or overlooked by potential customers. 


Considering how we felt quite skeptical over this company, we wanted to corroborate our opinions with Scam Advisers’ trust rating and comments. When looking, we found that Scam Adviser gave this company a terrible score of 1/100. They mention that the owner has used a paid privacy service, the website is located in a high-risk country, the registrar of this company is popular amongst scammers, and there are no reviews on this website.

Regulatory Approval

As mentioned, there are no known regulations submitted by this company. This proves that there are no licenses held by this company and that the marketable products should not be considered safe, as they have not been approved by a governing board.

When looking on the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s (NABP) safe pharmacy rating website, we were able to see that they have personally reported this company. They do not deem it a safe service and highly recommend against its use of it.


Consistently, when looking on Legit Script, this pharmacy is listed as being “rogue” or without any known approvals. This is another factor that customers should take into consideration before feeling comfortable giving their personal or financial information to this e-pharmacy. 

Products and Pricing 

When it comes to products, we feel it is very important to mention that there are no known approvals or FDA ratings. Therefore, the products and medicines should not be considered safe for consumption.


However, when looking on the website, we are able to view the following categories of medicine:

  • Alcoholism, Birth Contro, Cancer
  • Diabetes, Eye Care, Hypertension
  • Men’s Health, Obesity, Stop Smoking

Payments and Shipping 

Under the “FAQ” page, we were able to see that this company only offers the option of payment by credit card for methods for their customers. However, they do not disclose which particular types of credit cards they accept.


In terms of shipping, the company offers the following options:

  • Express International Mail – $30 – 5-9 business days after dispatch 
  • Standard International Mail – $10 – 10-21 business days after dispatch

As for countries that this company ships to, they say that they ship to nearly all counties except a few in Asia. 


This company’s website does feature a section for testimonials, however, they are highly confusing and seemingly falsified. Some have the names of the “customer” who submitted them, but most do not even have a name attached. 

may be fake

When looking on the highly popular rating website Trustpilot, we were able to see that this company has been left unclaimed by the ownership and that there are no submitted reviews. 


In conclusion, we truly never feel comfortable recommending the use of an e-pharmacy when they have been blacklisted by the NABP. This is because there are no regulations, business licenses, or proper safety protocols over the medicines. This can be very dangerous to consumers and therefore, we highly advise against the use of this company.

We give them a 1-star rating and hope folks will find another source for their medications.

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