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QualityPillsProvider.com is an e-pharmacy that sells a large number of drugs in thirty-five different product categories. The pharmaceutical platform claims to pride itself on the high quality of its medical products. Moreover, this fairly unknown online drugstore also claims that its team is available 24/7 which is quite surprising. In this article, we are going to tackle the promises that this drugstore website in order to determine if they are safe to use.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-09-08
LocationUnited States
Business Info
NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-888-523-7141
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

The domain of this online drugstore was first registered on the 8th of September 2020, which also is the latest time that the domain was updated so far. Furthermore, at the time that the domain was registered, the expiration date was set as the 8th of September 2021. 


It does not say anywhere on the e-commerce drugstore when it was launched, this lack of transparency is not good as it shows that they are not willing to be open about the information that may not be so positive. 

Business Profile

Furthermore, the information about who owns this e-pharmacy is redacted, in the public records, it simply says that the pharmacy website has been registered through a third-party company called Eranet International Limited. By doing this, the drugstore website is breaking the law which requires all drugstore websites to reveal where they are located as well as who owns them. 


On ScamAdviser this pharmaceutical website has a trust score of 55% along with a warning that this online drugstore is suspicious. 

Regulatory Approval

Although this e-commerce website has a large number of badges from organizations such as the FDA, CIPA, American Quality, and Pharmacy Checker. However, these badges are simple images that have been added to the bottom of the e-commerce website, in reality, this e-pharmacy has no relationship with those regulatory organizations. On Legit Script this e-pharmacy is rated as ‘rogue’ due to its failure to meet the verification standards. 


Products & Pricing

The best-selling products at this online pharmacy are all male supplements that help to boost performance and pleasure during intimate moments. To add to this, pretty much all of the pill-based medication sold at this pharmaceutical website is used below the listed manufacturer’s suggested retail price.


Although this may be good, you should be wary of offers that are too good to be true. Some other popular categories on the list:

  • Arthritis
  • Blood Pressure
  • Gastro Health
  • Diabetes
  • Men’s Health

Payment & Shipping

In total there were three payment methods available to be used on this pharmaceutical during the time that we were writing this article. The payment method with the most individual option was the credit card method that allows customers to pay using Visa, Mastercard, Diner’s Club, JCB, and American Express. Next customers can pay using ACH which is a service that facilitates bank payments in the United and other countries. Finally, customers are able to pay using BItcoin which is a dangerous payment method due to its highly anonymous nature among other issues. 


Another weird aspect of this e-commerce pharmacy is that it offers worldwide shipping which is a feature that not even many of the biggest pharmaceutical platforms are able to offer. The pricing and delivery time vary depending on where you happen to live. 


Only one review is available about this drugstore website, it is located on Scam Void and it describes the online retailer as “potentially unsafe”. The review however is not very detailed and it provides no in-detail analysis of the e-commerce drugstore. 


Testimonials are located on the online pharmacy where they have their very own page. Unsurprisingly almost all of the testimonials have only good things to say. These testimonials are unreliable as they are located on the same drugstore website that they are reviewing. 


To conclude, QualityPillsProvider.com falsely claims to pose no risk, which is a statement at the very top of the online retailer. In reality, the situation is exactly the opposite. This online drugstore poses a huge risk to anyone that uses it in terms of the customer’s health as well as financial loss. From the information that we have compiled in regards to this e-commerce drugstore, we will have to give a score of 1 star out of 5. 

Never give them a try otherwise you’ll be disappointed.

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