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To help you out, we review pharmacies on our website regularly. Today also, we will speak about QxMeds.com. The article will cover all information about this pharmacy, the type of medicines on offer, the about us page, business ownership, and so on. Once you go through this post, you will know whether this pharmacy is legit or a scam.

Domain Info
Registration Date2019-12-03
Business Info
NameCanadian Pharmacy
Phone NumbersUS: +1-718-487-9792
UK: +44-2032-397-7092
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Company Info

We first started our research with the about us page of the pharmacy. It states that it offers high-quality medicines. Apart from that, the about us page states that its sources drugs from dependable manufacturers and licensed pharmacists. However, it does not provide any information to verify this claim. That is why you have to only trust the word of the pharmacy if you want to order from it.

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Domain Details

The domain of the pharmacy was registered in December 2019. The pharmacy has been around for a little less than three years. In terms of age, you shouldn’t have any complaints with the pharmacy. Three years is long enough to gain a reputation in an industry and to sort out the best practices so that the consumers are satisfied. However, rather than only looking at the age of the pharmacy, it is necessary to look at a few other aspects that we will highlight below.


Business Profile

ScamAdviser states that the trust rating of the pharmacy website is very low. You should use caution when using this website. The WHOIS information of this pharmacy is written as well. Because of the same, finding this pharmacy’s true ownership is difficult. In most cases, if the pharmacy abides by all the rules and regulations, there is no need to hide the WHOIS information. This pharmacy does so certainly doesn’t dispel a lot of confidence.

low rating

Regulatory Agencies

LegitScript doesn’t approve the online pharmacy. It is not a CIPA member either. The domain of the pharmacy has an FDA logo on top. However, that doesn’t mean much. Simply pasting the FDA logo doesn’t mean that FDA approves all the medicines which are being sold in the pharmacy.

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On the FAQ page, it states that the generics which are presented on the website of the pharmacy are FDA-approved. However, very few generic medicines are actually FDA-approved. Moreover, the pharmacy doesn’t provide any link or information on which of the medicines are FDA-approved and how we can verify the same. Because of the same, you cannot trust the FDA approval mentioned by the pharmacy.

Available Products

The reason why this pharmacy has gained a lot of traction is because of the numerous category of medicines that it has on offer. In each of these categories, it offers many generic medicines as well.


The categories include:

  • Asthma, Birth control
  • BP, Depression
  • Diabetes, Hair loss
  • Herbals, Men’s Health

When you browse through these categories, it is easy to understand that the primary business of this pharmacy is to sell generic medicines and not branded ones.


The pharmacy repeatedly mentions that it provides some of the most affordable prices. The FAQ page as well, it explains how it can offer such low prices. The answer for the same is that it sells primarily generic medicines only. Generic medicines do not need to go through the patent process, so the cost of such medicines is on the lower side. On the flip side, you cannot be 100% sure about the ingredients of the same since most of them are not FDA-approved either.

On the about us page, you will notice that the per-pill cost of these medicines is pretty affordable. However, you won’t be buying a single pill; therefore, you have to look at the packaging size and determine how much money you will have to shell out.

From time to time, the pharmacy also offers you discounts depending on the type of medicines you are ordering. Sure enough, as compared to branded medicines, it is affordable, but there are other websites selling generic medicines offering similar prices.

Payments and Deliveries

The pharmacy mentions that it accepts most credit cards. Also, it offers you a secure payment gateway when you want to order. As for the delivery, it offers you airmail which takes up to 2 to 3 business weeks. It also offers USPS, which takes up to 8 business days. You will have to pay for the shipping charges accordingly. That is why, when calculating the savings, do factor in the shipping costs as well.


Customer Feedback

Trustpilot has no QxMeds.com reviews. The domain of the pharmacy does have a testimonials page. On the testimonials page, you will notice that customers worldwide have given reviews to this pharmacy. The problem is that there is no way to verify those reviews. They can all be fake, or they can all be true either. It is best to ignore these testimonials when deciding about this pharmacy.

may be fake


QxMeds.com makes a few false claims and doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, either. We would advise you to avoid this pharmacy.

We give it one star out of five because of its false claims.

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