Raising Awareness of Chagas Disease

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A preexisting condition or disease can have a major impact on our lives. Having a disease not only has an effect on the sufferer, but it can also impact their loved ones and friends as well. According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “6 out of 10 people suffer from a chronic disease.” The disease can have mild or moderate symptoms and usually requires long-term medical care.

Why Do I Have Disease?

There are several reasons why an individual is diagnosed with a disease. A disease can be triggered by your heredity. For instance, if your biological family has a history of cancer, your risk of cancer increases. However, some people are impacted by disease when there’s no trace of it in their family.


Many diseases are a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Did you know a poor diet can lead to diabetes or heart disease? Other unhealthy lifestyle habits can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. Symptoms of any disease can range from mild to chronic.

How Do I Know If I Have Disease?

It’s possible to have a disease and not even know it because it’s in the early stages. Oftentimes, most diseases come with symptoms. For example, diabetes symptoms may include excessive thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, and/or blurred vision. These are all indicators that you’re suffering from diabetes.

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According to a research brief from the CDC, “many adults suffer from multiple chronic diseases.” Multiple chronic diseases in adults have an estimated cost of trillions of dollars for healthcare and prescription drugs. Long-term medical care and medication are essential to maintaining or surviving multiple chronic diseases. Without the proper treatment, chronic disease can result in fatality.

A medical professional is highly trained and skilled to diagnose and treat disease. If you’re experiencing symptoms, you should speak to your doctor right away. A physician will bring you in and schedule a series of tests which oftentimes include a blood test. Based on these series of tests, your doctor will advise the patient of their treatment options. For diabetes, a modified diet or insulin can be required to manage the disease. Some diseases are incurable while others can be successfully managed with medical care and medicine. Online pharmacy reviews 2022 also discuss your options for chronic disease suffering.

What Is Chagas Disease?

Chagas disease is from a class of infectious diseases. Each year, the United States diagnoses an estimated 200,000 cases. If it goes untreated, Chagas disease can be life-threatening and result in death. 

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Also known as Trypanosoma Cruze, it’s found in the feces of a parasite. It’s a blood-sucking insect that thrives on the blood of humans and animals. The parasite is known as the reduviid bug. Chagas disease was discovered in 1909 by a Brazilian physician. Unfortunately, the disease can be transmitted to humans and humans. Medical research suggests it has an acute and chronic phase and can be lifelong if untreated. 

Researchers are trying to bring awareness to Chagas disease as more people are being diagnosed. The disease manifests immediately after infection. A few people will be unaware they have the disease because they’re asymptomatic. They’re completely unaware they have the disease. Most people are infected by the disease entering the skin or mucous membrane, and in rare cases causes inflammation of the heart muscle or the lining around the brain. Heart rhythm abnormalities have been known to cause sudden death. The heart doesn’t pump blood to the heart as well as a result of Chagas disease. 

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What Are Symptoms of Chagas Disease? 

The most common symptoms include fever or swollen eyelids. If you have a compromised immune system, the disease can be reactivated through circulating blood.

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how disease is transmitted

Other ways of transmission include: 

  • transfusion from an infected organ donor
  • mother-to-child

In rare cases, it can come from contaminated food or drinks. Chagas disease is very common in places like South America and isolated parts of Mexico. Central America has also seen an uptick in the Chagas disease. A few cases have been diagnosed in the United States, but it’s mainly from people who have recently traveled to South America. 

What Are My Treatment Options? 

Online pharmacy reviews 2022 suggest talking to your doctor right away if you’re experiencing symptoms. 

Chagas disease is diagnosed by observing the parasite in the blood. Your physician will require a lab test or imaging to diagnose the disease. A doctor will look for antibodies of the disease in the blood. Lab testing offers the patient results within 2-5 days, but the symptoms of Chagas disease are recognizable by your physician which may result in an earlier diagnosis. 

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Chagas disease can impact both children and adults. You should consult your primary physician right away for your treatment options. In some rare cases, you’ll be referred to a specialist who includes a gastroenterologist or infectious disease specialist. If you’re suffering from acute Chagas disease symptoms, a specialist may reach out to the Center for Disease Control for treatment options. For the best treatment of Chagas disease, antiparasitic treatment is the best option. As awareness of Chagas disease is increased, prevention and control are highly recommended by the CDC. 


Like with any disease, Chagas disease should be diagnosed and treated right away. Online pharmacy reviews 2022 can help you locate your best treatment options. It’s important to get treatment options early to avoid a life-threatening impact of the disease. Testing by a medical professional is the best defense against Chagas disease. 

When you’re in South America it’s important to avoid a dirty house because that’s mainly where the disease stems from. You can unsuspectingly scratch or rub the bite of the parasite and contract the disease. If you believe you’ve been exposed to or contracted Chagas disease, visit your doctor right away. 

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