5 Hours of Exercise a Week Reduce Cancer Risk

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We all know that cancer is a really life-threatening and critical disease. Unfortunately, many people from all around the world suffer from this critical disease and go through very painful situations. Definitely, we want to cut off the possibility of attracting such a deadly disease, isn’t it? The good part is that you can now reduce cancer risk very easily. According to the research, as little as five hours of exercise per day will significantly reduce the probability of cancer.

According to a new research publication, all those Americans who have performed five hours per week of moderate-intensity physical activities, have prevented cancer risk.

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Let’s now find out what physical activities can reduce cancer risk in the sections below.

5 Hours of Exercise a Week Reduce Cancer Risk

As mentioned, five hours of moderate-intensity physical activities are sufficient to decrease the possibility of cancer disease. Physical activities are meant as any type of movement that uses your skeletal muscles and also requires more energy than resting.


Well, physical activity can include the following – walking, exercising, dancing, biking, swimming, running, performing household chores, and engaging in various sports activities.

Based on a recent research report, any of these above-mentioned physical activities are linked to lower risks of cancer.

How Does Exercise Help in Reducing Cancer Risk?

We already know daily exercise and routine physical activities have so many excellent benefits for our bodies. For example, physically active people are healthier than all those people who lead sedentary lives.

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This time, research has further found that physical activities have a close relation with reduced cancer risk. Will you be interested in revealing more details about this research analysis?

If yes, then please check the sections below right away!

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Exercise offers many biological effects on our bodies. Let’s now discuss how particularly exercise will help in reducing cancer risk. Physical activity can lower the levels of sex hormones including estrogen. This can, in return, reduce the possibility of developing both breast and colon cancer.

Similarly, regular physical activities will prevent high levels of insulin which can again reduce cancer development and progression risk.

Exercises offer various other benefits too…

  • It reduces inflammation
  • It improves your immunity system function
  • It enhances the metabolism of bile acids and decreases the exposure to suspected carcinogens
  • It even decreases gastrointestinal tract exposure to harmful carcinogens
  • It prevents obesity
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Please note that carcinogens are nothing but an agent with the capacity to cause cancer in humans. Carcinogens interact with our cell’s DNA and induce genetic mutations. Since regular exercise decreases exposure to suspected carcinogens, it reduces cancer risks.

Especially, the following types of cancers can be prohibited with at least five hours of physical activities per week.

1) Breast Cancer

Many recent studies have clearly shown that physically active women will have a lower risk of breast cancer when compared to inactive women.

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In a meta-analysis of cancer studies, it’s found that the most physically active women had around 12–21% risk of developing breast cancer. The benefit of physical activity for reduced breast cancer risk is applicable to both premenopausal and postmenopausal women. What’s more, it’s further recommended to increase physical activity after menopause to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

2) Bladder Cancer

Just like breast cancer, physical activity has excellent benefits when it comes to reducing bladder cancer risk. In a meta-analysis of bladder cancer studies, it’s proven that the risk of bladder cancer will be around 15% lower for individuals who’re involved with higher levels of recreational and occupational physical activities.

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In fact, leisure-time physical activities can even reduce around 13% risk of bladder cancer.

3) Endometrial Cancer

Do you know about endometrial cancer? Well, it’s another variant of cancer that happens in the lining of the uterus. Of course, this cancer is more relevant for women.

In this case, also, it’s found that physically fit and active women are less likely to develop endometrial cancer. Highly physically active women have a 20% lower risk of developing endometrial cancer. That’s because regular physical activities will reduce obesity.

Please note that obesity is indeed a potential risk factor for female endometrial cancer. Since regular physical activities minimize the chance of obesity, the risk of cancer is also reduced.

4) Colon Cancer

In the case of colon cancer, all individuals who’re engaged in five hours of exercise per week and even more will now have a 19% lower risk of colon cancer. The least physically active people will have more probability of having colon cancer.

5) Esophageal Cancer


In the case of Esophageal cancer, the findings are also quite similar i.e. physically active people have a 21% lower risk of developing esophageal adenocarcinoma than those who are least physically active.

6) Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer

Kidney or renal cell cancer can be extremely fatal and life-threatening. For physically active, the chance of having kidney cancer is 15-25% lower than others.

7) Stomach (Gastric) Cancer

Individuals who’re most physically active have a 19% lower risk of having stomach cancer than those people who’re least active.

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Other types of cancer that have impacts on higher physical activities are…

  • Lung cancer
  • Pancreas cancer
  • Ovaries cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Rectum cancer
  • Liver cancer

With this, we have talked about how physical activity can ensure reduced cancer risk. But, that’s not the end!

Along with performing regular exercises, you should also consider having some medicines (in some cases). Especially, if the condition is very severe, then it’s recommended to intake different medications based on the doctor’s guidance.


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