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Buying medicine online requires comprehensive research about the supplier since there are plenty of unreliable businesses out there. is one of the prominent websites you’ll see once you search about online pharmacies. However, it shows some red flags as a reliable business. Check out this article to know if you should trust this e-drugstore.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-09-22
Business Info
NameRefill Online Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-707-408-29-11
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

The website’s domain name is registered under Rebel. ltd on September 22, 2020. Then, it was recently updated last January 19, 2021, which means that it has not been updated for almost 1 year. Thus, it somehow shows that the company does not have a strong foundation for building its website. Although its web hosting is legit, it does not ensure the reliability of the website. Moreover, the website owner chose to hide its identity on WHOIS, which seems fishy.


Business Profile

The company goes by its business name Refill Online Pharmacy as mentioned on its website. It has built a great website with updated blog posts and product listings. The website is easy to navigate as the products are listed in categories. However, this online drugstore does not appear on the lists of verified pharmacies of any licensing agencies.


Moreover, the fact that the owner is not confident enough to claim its business by hiding its ownership of the site is already suspicious. Plus, the owner’s location is from India, which is a country with high cases of online fraud.

Regulatory Approval

Primarily, a pharmacy business regardless of whether it’s online or not should have approvals from authorized councils. However, in the list of the National Association of Board Pharmacy and other regulatory agencies, the name of the company is not available. It’s also on the not recommended list, another red flag to take note of.


Furthermore, upon checking with LegitScript, the website has a status of rogue, which means that its products are not safe or illegal. ScamAdviser also flagged the website as suspicious with a 35% trust score only. The result highlighted that the website does not have many visitors, and the owner is unknown.

With its very low popularity, less social media interaction, and low trust score – the online drugstore raises our suspicion of it being a scam website. However, it has a valid SSL certificate, which is a positive thing. But it still doesn’t mean that the site is reliable. So, let’s take a look at its products, pricing, and payment methods included in this article.

Products Offered

Most of the listed products are claimed by the company to be authentic and checked by their registered pharmacists. There are also supplies sold on the site that is only affiliated with other companies.


However, although they sell almost every drug like a legal pharmacy have it’s still not guaranteed if they are safe since most of them are from countries known for manufacturing low-quality medications.

The online pharmacy offers a variety of products from:

  • common drugs
  • herbal medicine
  • and health drugs for men and women


The Indian online drugstore guarantees its products at a very low price plus huge discounts. However, the pricing is relatively low, and it becomes unusual. Sometimes fraudulent companies only use this as a strategy to attract more customers. Moreover, we have to remember that most companies selling at extremely low costs products could be involved in illegal smuggling. So, it’s essential to research, find reviews and check the eligibility of a website before buying medications.


Payments and Deliveries

The Indian e-drugstore supports PayPal and bank transfers in terms of payment methods, and the shipping option is through UPS or EMS only. Since it owns an SSL certificate, the site is possible to really sell products. However, with all the negative information about this company, it’s still not safe to say that you should trust this website.



On the website of this online pharmacy, there are a few ratings that were posted to uplift the reviews of the company. However, all that you see on the website is not always true. To get some true sentiments from the previous clients, you can go to more reliable platforms like TrustPilot

no rating


The internet provides convenience to everyone, especially when shopping for goods, but it also offers a huge platform for frauds and fake sites selling unreliable products. It’s hard to tell if a website is safe or not.

For example, this Indian site called Refill Online Pharmacy, it’s claiming to provide legitimate, safe, and authentic drugs. However, with various assessments and thorough investigations, the result says otherwise. It shows lots of inconsistencies.

Thus, we are only rating the pharmacy with 2 stars, as the negative results are more prominent compared to positive ones. Moreover, the fact that there are no single reviews found about this company is quite alarming.

So, we suggest doing some more digging into this online drugstore before purchasing.

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