Reviews – Unreliable is an online pharmaceutical company. This e-pharmacy claims to be one of Canada’s best, offering its customers unmatched service and medication. They also ensure a commitment to both customer safety and satisfaction, as well as only providing top-quality, FDA-approved medication. As these are large claims, it’s important to note the legitimacy of this company, before purchasing.

Domain Info
Registration Date2011-04-09
LocationTurks and Caicos Islands
Business Info
NameAceso Universal Ltd
Phone Numbers+1-800-897-1053
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Information

The domain name for this e-pharmacy was initially registered on April 9th, 2011. The last known update to the website took place on March 1st, 2021, with the expiration date being set for April 9th, 2023.


Unfortunately, for a multitude of reasons, this information is not corroborated by the company’s website. The website says that this company was established and copyrighted in 2008. This means that the company existed for three years before there were any public records created. Also, the company’s website states that updates took place on October 5th, 2021, which is not what proper records indicate.

Business Profile

Referring to the “About Us” page on this e-pharmacy’s website, one can immediately begin to notice grammatical errors – a usual indication of a lack of professionalism. Furthermore, there is no indication or documentation of any licenses or employees. This is eye-opening, as it shows a lack of transparency and openness with customers. Another important thing to note is that while this site claims to be one of “Canada’s Best Pharmacies”, the payments are all made in USD, customer service is an American phone number, head office is supposedly in Hounslow, UK, and ownership of the domain is in Turks and Caicos. All of this information is incredibly misleading and confusing, making little to no sense.


This conflicting information is corroborated by third-party ratings from companies like Scam Adviser. On Scam Adviser, this e-pharmacy received a terrible score of 1/100. This score even comes with a warning from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). The website was not only personally reported by the NABP, but it’s also featured on their not recommended list.

Regulatory Approval

Regulations are legality that all online pharmaceutical companies must adhere to, to continue servicing their customers. This is not only a legal precedent but it is meant to ensure the safety of every customer and the legitimacy of the products being sold. It can be confirmed that this particular e-pharmacy does not submit to any regulatory approvals.


Because of this, the company also does not hold any proper licenses from any regulatory bodies like the CPA, the MIPA, or the CIPA. Furthermore, on Legit Script, this e-pharmacy is classified as “rogue”. This is due to not only the lack of regulatory practices or licenses but also the lack of transparency and information provided by the company.

Products and Pricing

This online pharmacy plays host to a multitude of types of medication(s) for purchase, covering everything from arthritis to weight loss. Unlike other illegitimate pharmaceutical companies, this company does require prescriptions for some of its medications. Because of this, the products are split into two categories; prescription medication and over-the-counter medication. All medication is presented with pricing and dosage information, which varies depending on the specific type and quantity you are purchasing.

drug categories

All of the medication provided by this company does come with the claim of being “FDA-approved”. However, with the lack of information provided by the company and the overall trust ratings from third-party sites, it’s safe to assume that these claims are falsified.

Best Selling Products

This company does not currently have a best-selling product page on the website, however, they do feature “Top-Selling” products on the homepage. These medications range in their various uses but can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Men’s Health – various medications helping men with sexual stimulation or functionality issues, testosterone supplements, etc.
  • Women’s Health – medications for reproductive issues, vaginal ointments, etc.
  • High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol – medication to help maintain healthier blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of clots.
  • Gut Heath – medications to lower acidity rates in the stomach, help with gastroesophageal reflux disease, etc.
  • Mental Health – anxiety, antidepressants, and obsessive-compulsive disorder medications.

Payments and Shipping

Currently, this e-pharmacy only has two options available for payment methods. The company is not presently offering payment by any type of credit card but does state that card payments will be back soon.


They have the following options instead:

  • Bank Transfer (for non-US residents)
  • eCheck (for US residents only)

The company is very forthcoming with information on its shipping prices and policies. They have a detailed page on their website that is devoted to this information, making it easily accessible for customers.


Presently, they only have the option for Standard Shipping, at the cost of $9.99. They claim that the shipping process will take anywhere from 5-21 business days, depending on your location.


This e-pharmacy does have a section on its website for customer testimonials. Surprisingly enough, these reviews are all taken from the third-party rating site, Trustpilot. There are over 40 reviews posted to the site, all of which are overwhelmingly positive. However, for a company as large as this one is claiming to be, 40 is a minuscule number. 


This information is rather conflicting, as the reviews on Trustpilot are very positive – leaving this company with a 4.5/5 star rating. However, this company is not board-certified, licensed, or regulated, making it a questionable company to be purchasing from. Perhaps these customers are unaware of the lack of licensing, testing, etc, that this company is supposed to be maintaining. Since they are posted from Trustpilot, it’s unlikely that these are falsified reviews.


This company does not hold any proper licenses, does not adhere to regulations, and is not forthcoming with information to their customers. On top of this, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy reported this website and does not recommend its utilization of it. Because of this, it can be assumed that this is not a legitimate pharmaceutical company, and folks potentially avoid purchasing products from it.

Despite the positive reviews on Trustpilot, doesn’t seem to be reliable at all.

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