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To find out whether a pharmacy is reliable or not, do check the reviews of the pharmacy. Today, we will share with you our review that will highlight all the aspects of this pharmacy and thereby providing you with a clear opinion as to whether to order medicines from this pharmacy or not.

Domain Info
Registration Date2013-01-17
LocationGreat Britain
Business Info
Phone Numbers(888) 819-1565
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Certified
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Company Details

When you check the about us page of this pharmacy, you will realize that it is pretty transparent. It directly provides the registered company along with the phone number. Besides that, it provides you with the license number of the pharmacy. It also lets you know what licensed prescribers are on its team. It also highlights the license numbers of these prescribers.

fda approved

In a nutshell, it leaves no stone unturned in letting you know that it has legit operations and the team and the pharmacy itself, are licensed.

Domain Information

The site has been operational since 2013. That is when the domain was registered. It means that the site has been around for at least nine years.


A pharmacy that has been around for that long would surely be credible. Otherwise, it would have shut down by now. This means that it is a pharmacy with experience.

Business Profile

The business profile of the pharmacy provides you with limited ownership information. Despite providing all the details on the about us page of the pharmacy, the domain registration still uses privacy protection. While it might be a red flag for other pharmacies but since this one provides all the business details on its about us page, it does not seem shady.


Regulatory Agencies

The pharmacy’s prescribers and team are all licensed. The pharmacy itself is licensed as well. It displays all these details on the about us page. Besides that, it is certified by Legit Script as well. It provides you with further information for the same as well.


In a nutshell, it operates within the ambit of the law. That is why, instead of dealing with un-licensed pharmacies, it is a good idea to go ahead with this one.

Available Products

Pharmacy primarily deals in erectile dysfunction medicines. This segment, provides you with quite a few options. However, soon enough, the pharmacy plans to launch drugs for hair loss, testosterone, and other such categories. However, it provides medicine catering to only a single ailment for now. This is one of the main limitations of this pharmacy.



The pharmacy offers you pretty low prices in the segment it is catering to. That is why it can certainly help you save money as well. Additionally, the pharmacy provides you with free consultation as well. That is why, if you have any queries regarding the medicines, you can clear them quickly.

Payments and Deliveries

The pharmacy offers you a legit payment gateway. It is secured as well. The domain of the pharmacy itself is secured. You can use:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • and American Express for payment

Because of this, paying for your order isn’t going to be an issue when going with this pharmacy.


The pharmacy also offers you different delivery options. The first one is the USPS first class. It will take up to 7 business days to get medicines in the same and will cost you 4 dollars. The next one is USPS priority which will take four business days and cost $7.7.


After that is FedEx express, which will take two business days, and the price changes according to your address. The fastest option is USPS priority express which will take two days and cost you $26.35 extra.

The good news is that the pharmacy delivers to most of the states in the country. That is why ordering from it isn’t going to be an issue.

Customer Feedback reviews can be found on Trustpilot. On Trustpilot, it has a rating of 4.4, which amounts to the excellent category. In total, it has 48 reviews. This certainly speaks volumes regarding the kind of service and delivery of this pharmacy.

excellent rating

Conclusion is certainly a legit pharmacy. The medicines which it offers are of good quality as well. Also, it has quite a few reviews. The only limitation is that it caters to a single category of medicines. If you’re looking for the medicines in the category it offers, you can order from this pharmacy.

Overall, we give it 4 stars out of 5.

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