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Today, we are going to share with you an unbiased and honest review of We have already checked the website of this pharmacy and it does not seem to be intriguing enough! However, the platform offers various facilities, such as discounts on medicines, discreet packaging, and safe delivery. Let’s now validate if all these claims are worth it or if this pharmacy is just running a scam business behind these lies!

Domain Info
Registration Date2022-01-12
Business Info
NameRoyal Pharma Cart
Phone Numbers+1(832) 685-1221
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

We’ll start this review while taking a quick look at the domain info. As per the domain info, this drugstore is a newbie as it started operating the business on 2022-01-12. Based on this date, this drugstore has only a few months of experience. The domain will be expired on 2023-01-11.


The entire details about the domain registrant contact are ambiguous. For example, the domain registrant’s contact name is given as Privacy protection service – which is again ambiguous. All other details including the address of this domain registrant do not appear to be real.

Business Profile

As per ScamAdviser, this is a suspicious website, and that’s why it has received only a 33% trust score. What’s more, the business owner’s details are not mentioned as the business owner is using a service to hide their identity. The business owner’s address is not provided as well.


Regulatory Approvals

Now, do you want to find out if this pharmacy has received any approval? Well, no! Surely you should not trust this website as they do not have any regulatory approvals.

Well, as per LegitScript, they do not have any info available regarding this pharmacy. Thus, you can’t certainly trust a platform that does not have any approvals or certificates of operation.

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However, on their homepage, the drugstore has mentioned that they sell FDA Approved medicines. Plus, all their medications are approved by the authority of the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Russia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, Bulgaria, and China. All these claims are indeed fake.

Products and Pricing

So far, we have covered various info regarding this pharmacy like domain details, business profile, and regulatory approvals about the online pharmacy. This time, let’s thoroughly check what types of medicines are available at this drugstore. 


Based on the homepage, here is a list of medicines that you can purchase via this platform.

  • Men’s Health
  • Narcolepsy
  • Abortion
  • Hair loss
  • Ivermectin

Please note that this drugstore sells only generic medicines. Of course, the pricing of all these medicines is low compared to the market average pricing. However, the quality and efficacy of these medications can’t be determined. That’s why we will request you to avoid intaking all these pills.

Payment & Shipping

Let’s now talk about various payment methods using which the aforementioned medicines can be purchased. For example, you can use credit cards & debit cards to purchase medicines. 


Now, let’s explore the shipping policy. Please note that the exact shipping service provider name is not provided. Nevertheless, it’s mentioned on their website that orders may need 2 to 3 working days to be processed and shipped. When the order is ready to be shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation through email along with a tracking number.

There is a standard shipping charge that applies to all orders. If the order amount exceeds $149, then the shipping fee will be waived.

Delivery Timeline

The exact delivery timeline isn’t mentioned as such. Instead, it’s mentioned that the delivery is based on the actual address of the recipient. Deliveries are faster in the US. In other countries, the shipment might take a bit longer to get delivered.

Customer Reviews has no customer reviews available as per TrustPilot. The overall customer satisfaction rating is nil. Since the platform has no customer feedback available, you must avoid this drugstore at all costs.

no reviews

Conclusion isn’t a reliable and trustworthy platform. These activities and business operations appear to be suspicious. That’s why we request you to be alert about this drugstore.

We have provided it with a 1-star rating.

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