Reviews – As Bland As It Is Bad is an American online dispensary that provides sexual enhancers. It claims to be an internet pharmacy but it is more akin to a referral service. There is no evidence to suggest that it owns any of the merchandise it sells.

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Registration Date2019-07-29
Business Info
NameSafe Pills
Phone Numbers+1-877-888-9761
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: rogue
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This domain was created on the 29th of July 2019. That was less than two years ago as of this moment. In internet pharmacy years, that is a short time. And for the most part, you cannot trust young medical stores. The chances that they are scams are too high. If you must do business with a dubious internet pharmacy, stick with older sites that have been around for so long that they have a solid reputation they don’t want to risk losing.


Related Websites

The store shares its server with portals. The store has a rating of 85 percent from ScamAdviser. This can be imputed to the SSL certificate which this website has. The presence of an SSL Certificate tells you that your communications with a website are secure.

high rating

The absence of one tells you that any information you share with the store can be hacked and accessed by external parties. The presence of an SSL Certificate here is a good thing. However, the company has a low Alexa ranking. It gets very few visitors, probably because it is so young and untested.

Business Profile

The pharmacy has no business profile. It doesn’t have any information online to suggest that it is a real business. There is no business address. It has no verifiable contact information. It is based in the United States but it doesn’t have any American licenses that empower the company to sell medicine online.


Admittedly, as a referral service, it doesn’t require any licenses. But it is pretending to be a real drugstore. And yet it has such a bland website that uses stock photos rather than images of the real pharmacists working behind the scenes to process your orders.

The owner has chosen to keep his identity a secret which is a sign that he has something to hide. The store’s overall presence on the internet is surprisingly limited even though it has been around for almost two years. This makes one wonder why other customers have chosen to avoid them.

Regulatory Authorization

According to LegitScript, this is a rogue internet pharmacy. The organization scrutinized the site and determined that they do not meet its standards. No other organization recognizes them. In other words, they are an illegal entity working outside the system. If you transact with them and they defraud you, you have no one to appeal to. Keep that in mind before you make the mistake of giving them your money or information.


Available Products

The website claims to sell a variety of medical products. But their platform is littered with promotions of sexual enhancers. This is where they make most of their money. The other products they offer only exist to fill out their catalog. Their only real interest is the biggest generic and branded sexual enhancers.


You don’t need a prescription to buy prescription medicine. This is another negative sign. All legit medical stores expect their customers to present prescriptions before they can make prescription purchases. A company that doesn’t care whether or not customers have valid prescriptions is clearly operating outside the confines of the law.

Payments and Deliveries

The sexual enhancers the company sells are cheap. You can get discounts of up to 20 percent if you buy their products in large quantities. Where payments are concerned, they accept Visa, MasterCard, and Electronic Checks. On the issue of deliveries, they rely on DHL, DPD, Royal Mail, and FedEx, to mention but a few.



As you might expect, the store doesn’t have any reviews or testimonials even though it has been in operation for almost two years.

might be fake


Because it has no regulatory authority or business address and the owner is hidden, this internet pharmacy earns a rating of 1 star. More than likely, it receives orders from customers, passes them onto its suppliers, and then waits for them to deliver the required drugs to the consumers. The store doesn’t tell you any of this. On the surface, it acts just like any other internet pharmacy and that is a problem.

Any pharmaceutical company that chooses to hide information or to lie about the things should concern you.

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