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The USA Meds Pharmacy is one of the many online stores that aim to be the primary supplier but, in their case, for medication. Specifically, they focus on giving men their youthful glow and glory through their medications. Also, they promise to give the pills at a reasonable price and deliver them in a fast manner. This review will give you a good view of the said website to decide whether you can trust them.

Domain Info
Registration Date2021-05-20
Business Info
NameThe USA Meds
Phone Numbers+1-475-999-0250
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

The domain was recently registered last May 05, 2021. It is listed with the registrant Rebel ltd, which is as “Privacy Hero Inc.” The company is said to be located in Grace Bay, Providenciales, TC. The status, name servers, and other information are left prohibited to protect their privacy. But even with the registration date, we can infer that the website is only past 1 year old.


Business Profile

Garnering only 1/100 trust score, the Scam Adviser believes that The USA Meds Pharmacy is not a recommended website. They also seem to falsify a lot of statements in their website. They mentioned that USA Meds promise to spend their time to pick the most efficient meds that you may require to enhance your sex life and then make it simple for you to acquire them without fuss or awkward confrontations.

not recommended

That way, customers won’t have to search elsewhere for the medication. They claim to have pharmacists who make it a practice to give up-to-date drugs. However, how can we actually know whether these statements are factual or not without any documentation nor mentioned names for their alleged “pharmacists”?

Regulatory Approvals

We also attempted to verify the permits and authorizations held by The USA Meds Pharmacy. If they guarantee a pleasant pharmacy customer experience, they should provide evidence.

The results obtained from the following pharmaceutical authorizers are provided below.

  • CIPA – no result
  • LegitScript – no result found
  • NABP – website is listed as “unrecommended pharmacies”

Based on the current data, the pharmacy website does not meet the legal requirements for drug distribution. They have really been functioning as scammers for the past four years, and during that time, they may have issued counterfeit medicines.

Products and Pricing

Most of the medications provided by USA Meds are for men who seek betterment in their sexual life. However, they also offer medications for pain relief, respiratory drugs, skin care, ear & eye treatment, and viral medications. The products are displayed on the home page so that you can see them with one glance. You can also buy per tablet or box.


On the other hand, the pricing is comparable to other pharmacies that we have reviewed. Customers can also give stars and reviews on each product, but we doubt that it is real feedback. We really can’t trust a pharmacy that forbids the customers from knowing the facts behind their services.

Payment and Shipping

The flat rate for shipping from USA Meds Pharmacy costs $35 across the US. There is not much information about the scope of their deliveries, but we assumed they provide worldwide shipping, as mentioned on their website. They accept credit and debit cards as well as PayPal for the mode of payment so customers all over the world can access transactions.


However, we have noticed that this pharmacy requires the customer to sign terms and conditions before placing orders. This is likely to happen in other websites, especially the legit ones. It’s either you ensure that you’ll read the whole terms and conditions before you order, or buy somewhere else a lot safer.


We tried looking for some testimonials regarding USA Meds Pharmacy in Trust Pilot, but we found a few in MyWot. In MyWot, the website is rated 1.6/5 stars and only has 4 reviews. Imagine only having four reviews, and all of them badmouthing the scam pharmacy. As a customer, you will be scared with their experiences, and you’d most probably avoid ordering.

some reviews


In today’s rapidly moving society, it may be difficult to stop by a drugstore that requires you to wait in line to obtain your medications. Moreover, powerlessness is something that only some men will readily accept. The USA Meds Pharmacy promised to eliminate this issue by bringing the pharmacy to you. However, the issue they’re involved in does not have regulatory approvals and legal requirements to distribute medications.

Hence, we have no choice but deem this website as a scam that deserves only 2 stars out of 5.

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