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Researching the pharmacy from which you are ordering medicines is a necessity rather than a luxury. The problem is that most people think it will take a lot of time to find out more information about the pharmacy from which they are ordering medicines. However, that is not true. For example, to find reviews, you need to search many sites. You can simply go through our article below, and you will know whether this pharmacy is trustworthy or not.

Domain Info
Registration Date2022-04-10
Business Info
NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-888-523-7141
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Company Information

The About Us page of the pharmacy’s home is pretty generic. If you’re looking for any specific information like the pharmacy office or how many years they have been in operation, you will not be able to find any such information.

In fact, the pharmacy only states that it sells you reliable medicines from reliable manufacturers on its about us page. However, instead of believing this at face value, you should go through the rest of the review to find out whether this claim is true or not.

Domain Details

The domain of the pharmacy was registered in April month of 2022. Yes, you read that right! The pharmacy is barely a few days old. Even if you assume that the pharmacy sells legit medicines, you shouldn’t trust a pharmacy that has been around for a few weeks rather than a couple of years. You have to keep this factor in mind when you go through the rest of the review.


Business Profile

Of course, when the pharmacy is that nascent, you will like to take up other details of the pharmacy as well. If the other details are fine, you might think about ordering from this pharmacy.


However, apart from the country, you will not be able to find much information. The reason for the same is that it uses privacy protection. You won’t even be able to find out about the parent company that owns this pharmacy. Needless to say, it is another red flag to keep in mind.

Approvals from Regulatory Agencies

Usually, when buying branded drugs, the medicine itself is usually approved by the FDA. However, this pharmacy uses the gray area. The FAQ page states that the pills are from FDA-approved companies.

It does not state whether the FDA approves the pills on a stand-alone basis or not. That is why you cannot trust it completely.

no info

On the homepage, the pharmacy does not claim to be approved by LegitScript or any other pharmacy associations. It means that it is not associated with any industry body either.

When you take this fact into account and the red flag, it is easy to understand that staying away from this pharmacy might be the right thing to do.

Available Products

One thing you cannot ignore about this pharmacy is the number of medicines available.


Medicines are available across many different categories like:

  • Eye drops
  • Hair loss
  • Women’s health
  • Mental illness
  • Motion sickness
  • Pain relief

In these categories, you will find quite a few medicines. Some of them might be listed as FDA-approved, but there is no evidence of the same. You have to think before ordering the medicine, even if you find it in stock on the pharmacy website.


Yes, the prices are cheaper. There is no doubt about it. However, since you cannot be 100% sure about the quality of the medicines, there is no point in saving a few dollars here and there.

Apart from this, you have to understand that homepage of the pharmacy compares the price of generic medicines with branded ones. That is another reason why the price difference is so high.

Payments and Deliveries

The pharmacy accepts Visa, MasterCard, diners club, American Express, Discover, and checks. With so many payment modes available, you shouldn’t face a problem paying for your order if you want to go ahead with this pharmacy.


The pharmacy offers only one shipping method – Trackable Courier Service. They say the packages sent by this postal service can be tracked by the tracking number and will take a maximum of 30 days to deliver.

Customer Feedback

A single look on the testimonials page will simply surprise you. That is because, for a domain that was registered in April 2022, reviews are dating back to 2020. It means that the testimonials are copy-pasted from another website and therefore not trustworthy.



The shady reviews coupled with the numerous red flags certainly mean that you shouldn’t go ahead with this pharmacy. Because of the same, we give it only 1 star out of 5.

We don’t recommend using their services.

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