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Clinically tested, recommended by Canadian medical practitioners, and supplied by certified pharmacies, the personal care products and prescription drugs offered by UpGuys are custom-tailored to meet the requirements of each individual customer. The reason for this UpGuys.com review is not to assess the website from an inch but to prove why they are a legit go-to pharmacy for men.

Domain Info
Registration Date2018-10-31
Business Info
Phone Numbers604-291-1094
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Certified
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Domain Info

“To say guys don’t illustrate stereotypical machismo.” UpGuys Pharmacy is aware that there’s no standard of appearance for guys. Instead, regardless of how a guy looks, they want to offer professional and validated tools which can support your personal needs, may it be for sensitive areas like hair loss and sexual lifestyle.


Its mission has been running since its domain establishment, which was last October 31, 2018. They continue to uphold their services towards every guy who may need their assistance until their domain expiration which is currently October 31, 2022.

Business Profile

The stance that UpGuys takes is that men must not feel uncomfortable about their sex and medical issues because these conditions are common and can be treated. Their goal is to provide high-quality care that addresses genital problems, hair loss, and even skincare to the greatest extent that is feasible. Because of the indisputable necessity of its services, this drug store appears to be a favored site for men.


Scam Adviser has awarded From Upguys Pharmacy a high score of 100 out of 100 for trustworthiness since the website first opened in 2018. The site scammer tool is under the impression that the Drug store is committed to achieving its goals and has a good chance of being reliable.

Regulatory Approvals

According to their homepage, Upguys was backed up and acknowledged by different associations like LegitScript, British Pharmacy Association, PIPEDA, and OIPC, which is considered to be proof of their legit service. But since it’s been a ritual that pharmacies should have regulatory approvals, we also assessed Upguys’ verification status. Unfortunately, they aren’t reviewed and listed in the few pharmacies that NABP supports.

rogue status

Products and Pricing

UpGuys presents four easy steps for customers to experience the best access to their website. First off, you’ll need to pick a product that you believe is effective or a prescription for you. Next, you will fill out a questionnaire that will help determine your health condition. UpGuys will then send an available practitioner to connect and consult you if ever you need one. Lastly, you’ll receive your order.


As aforementioned, the products they offer are mostly for men’s sexual health and hair care. They also give out services for performance anxiety. The pricing can’t be determined since they require to sign up for access to such information. However, you can rest assured that they have professional healthcare workers available to guide you on the way.

Payment and Shipping

They accept the following forms of payment:

  • Visa, Mastercard
  • American Express
  • E-transfers
  • Paypal

They will ship your order within 2 days after their practitioner calls you. Their free shipping method is Xpresspost with Canada Post, which takes approximately 3-5 business days. They also offer FedEx Overnight (for an additional charge) if you need the medication earlier.



We tried from TrustPilot, MyWot, and even Reddit but all of them haven’t collected any reviews from past customers yet. Even though TrustPilot considers Upguys as a verified company, we can’t simply get it as proof. However, the online pharmacy has more than 600 google reviews and an overall rating of 5.0!

positive rating


There’s nothing much to blame on Upguys because their website didn’t show many loopholes. They may not have regulatory approvals from CIPA or NABP, but they have other certifications. They may not have reviews to show, but most articles you can see on Google talks positively about them. Hence, we wouldn’t want to disregard their legit service towards men.

We provided them with 4 stars out of 5 for recognition.

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