Reviews – Falsified Licensing is an e-pharmacy that claims to be a leading authority in delivering medications across the globe – with a goal to provide these medications at the best affordability, especially to those with expensive prices locally. This e-pharmacy also states to be a professionally managed distributor of generic drugs, with a very high level of quality customer service. As these are very large claims, we will be completing a thorough background check of this company to ensure the safety of any potential or returning customers.

Domain Info
Registration Date2021-12-06
Business Info
NameAmerican Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-760-284-3222
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Domain Information

When looking at the publicly registered domain information, we were able to see that this e-pharmacy was only first established on December 6th, 2021 – making this site incredibly young and new to the only pharmacy world. We were also able to see that the IP location for this website is Drenthe, Meppel, in the Netherlands


The fact that the IP address is located within the Netherlands is not necessarily a red flag, the youth of this website is. Generally speaking, this means that this e-pharmacy has not been verified or licensed by official governing bodies and therefore, the marketed products may not be adequately tested for safety standards.

Business Profile

As e-pharmacies are serviced by a licensed pharmacist, nurses, etc., just like any physical pharmacy location, this means that this information should be displayed for customers to see. This creates a level of trust with a customer base and it shows a willingness to be transparent – which should never be an issue if a company is legitimate. This company does not display any of this sort of information.

hidden data

When looking at Scam Adviser, we were able to see that this company presently has a trust score of 70/100 – which is surprising, especially when looking at the very few positive aspects that are listed, in comparison to the many negatives. 

Regulatory Approval

In terms of a business license or regulatory approvals, this website does list that they are CIPA, MIPA, and CPA verified members. However, when looking on the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) website, we found that this was falsified information, as this business is not a member. The same can be said for both the MIPA and the CPA, of which this company is also not a member. This is troubling information, as it means that this company is outright lying to its customer base. 


It’s also worth mentioning that when looking at the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website and Legit Script, there was no information on this company. This more than likely has to do with the sheer youth of this website, and these two governing bodies not yet submitting a full review process.

Products and Pricing

Like many illegitimate pharmaceutical companies, this site does not specialize in a particular field of medicine. They carry products in a very wide range of categories, which should not always be considered a good aspect. While this seems convenient, it is generally a sign of marketability – not safety or knowledge.


This company carries medicine in some of the following categories:

  • Asthma, Birth Control
  • Depression, Gastrointestinal
  • Men’s Health, Pain Relief
  • Skin Care, Quit Smoking, Women’s Health

All of the medication listed on this website does come with pricing and dosage information, as well as proper instructions and storage information.

Payments and Shipping

In terms of payment methods that this company accepts, they have the following options listed:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard

In regards to shipping details, this company offers customers the following information:

  • Airmail (or US Postal Service) – 2-3 weeks
  • EMS Courier Delivery – 3-8 business days


This e-pharmacy does dedicate a section of its website to testimonials, however, we assume that they are highly falsified. They merely include a name and location, without including a third-party source like Google or Facebook. At the same time, this company presently has no submitted ratings on Trustpilot, with the company profile being left entirely unclaimed by the ownership.



This company openly posts falsified information in regards to business licenses and regulatory approvals, which is incredibly dangerous. Because of this, there is no way to prove the validity behind anything else that is claimed, nor if the medications have been adequately tested. At this time, we can only feel comfortable giving this company a 1-star review, while also cautioning users from considering this a safe place to purchase medications.

In conclusion, we would not recommend the use of

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