Reviews – Uninformative Pharmacy is an online pharmaceutical company that shares little to no information with its returning and potential customer base. There is no “About Us” page, which leaves prospective customers with no information to go off. Because of this, we felt the need to carry out a full background review of this company, as it is crucial for customers to know if this is a safe and verified marketer of prescription medications. 

Domain Info
Registration Date2019-03-26
Business Info
NameUSA Web Pharma
AddressStreet Name, FL 54785
Phone Numbers(+1) 9792004007
(+1) 9792003912
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Information

Considering there is absolutely no information about this website – merely giving a customer service phone number, email, and non-specific location (that when looking on Google Maps, directs one to a farmer’s field), we felt it was necessary to look into any public domain information.


When looking at the registration date, we were able to see that this website was first publicly documented on December 6th, 2021 – making it incredibly new. What was more shocking, was to find out that this is not an American-owned or run website. The data shows that this website is registered to Drenthe, Meppel, in the Netherlands. This has been a location that has come up before in our searches and is often tied to unverified and illegitimate pharmacies – making us believe that this is a scam ring.

Business Profile

As opposed to many legitimate pharmaceutical companies, this company does not include any information in regards to employees or their necessary licenses. Furthermore, the same can be said for any information in regards to FDA-approved medications.


Because of this lack of information, we decided to take a look at a third-party rating site, like Scam Adviser. Surprisingly enough, this website gave this e-pharmacy a trust rating of 76/100. This is extremely odd, considering that they highlight that the owner is using a protective identity service, as well as the other extremely low-rated websites that share the same server.

Regulatory Approval

As previously mentioned, there is no information listed by this e-pharmacy in terms of business licenses or regulatory approvals. Because of this, we began to look online for information in regards to this pharmacy.


When looking at the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s (NABP) Safe Pharmacy website, we were able to see that this new e-pharmacy has not yet been looked over. In terms of a site like LegitScript, this e-pharmacy is listed as “rogue” – meaning this website has no approvals and does not follow regulatory standards.

Products and Pricing

On this e-pharmacy’s website, there are no specified categories of medication, merely an entire page including hundred of different types of medicines.


When looking into some of the products, we are able to see medications in some of the following categories:

  • Men’s Health, Women’s Health
  • Pain Relief, Mental Health
  • Heart Health, Skin Care

It’s important to note that medications on this website are only listed with a price and specific dosage amounts. There is no information in regards to health and safety standards, possible side effects, etc., which should be considered very dangerous. 

Payments and Shipping

As there is no “Frequently Asked Questions” section on this website, nor is there a “Payments and Shipping” section, customers will have to add items to their cart, in order to find out any payment methods that are available. When placing an item into our cart, we noticed that this website only accepts credit cards, but does not specify which kinds.


In terms of shipping costs and delivery times, when placing an item within our cart, we noticed that we would immediately be charged $20.00 for shipping. Furthermore, this website states that according to USPS, a package should arrive within 20-25 days. However, because of COVID-19, these times may be delayed to 40-45 days.


Like the other sections of our report, this company does not host a section for customer testimonials. Therefore, we attempted to take a look at a third-party review website like Trustpilot, however, there were no submitted ratings. Moreover, the website was left unclaimed by the ownership.

no reviews


Despite a decently high score from Scam Adviser, this is an e-pharmacy operating without any known licenses or regulations – potentially putting customers in danger from unsafe or untested medications. Because of this, we give this e-pharmacy a 1-star rating and would caution anyone from choosing to use it.

In conclusion, we highly advise against the use of this e-pharmacy.

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