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Instead of just trusting the website or the appearance of the pharmacy, it is a good idea to take deeper into the details of the pharmacy and ensure that it is legit. Our review will help you with that. In this article, we will highlight every detail of this pharmacy and let you know whether to order from this pharmacy or not.

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Registration Date2019-03-12
Business Info
NameUS Healthcare Pharmacy
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LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Company Information

The first thing is to look at the about us page of the pharmacy. It will help you understand what exactly the pharmacy has on offer.

One look at the about us page of this pharmacy, and you will find that it claims to abide by the guidelines of the World Health Organization. Not only that, it states that the guidelines by US FDA are abided by as well.

about them

All this can inspire a lot of confidence in a prospect or customer. However, the pharmacy does not provide any proof of the same. It can all be just claimed. That is why you should go through the rest of this article to understand whether this pharmacy has a legit operation or not.

Domain Details

The domain was registered in March 2019. It means that the pharmacy is around three years old. This time period might seem adequate, but when you look at some other popular pharmacies, you will realize that they have been around for much longer. There has been nothing wrong in the years since the pharmacy was in operation, but that shouldn’t be the sole reason to order from this pharmacy either.


Business Profile

You might think that using privacy protection is no big deal for the pharmacy. However, that is not true. The pharmacy uses privacy protection.


Any legit business which abides by all the guidelines will never use privacy protection. They will openly provide you with their business information. That certainly helps them build credibility.

The fact that this pharmacy is attempting to hide its business ownership information speaks volumes about the nature of this pharmacy. While this alone cannot be the reason not to order from this pharmacy, this is certainly a red flag that you need to keep in mind if you’re planning to order from this pharmacy.

Regulatory Agencies

When you look at the images of the medicines on the homepage of the pharmacy, it uses brand-name images. However, if you look at the explanation in the second half of the homepage, it sells generic medicines. In a nutshell, it is trying to get a false persona about its selling medicines.


Generic medicines are hardly ever approved by the FDA. It means that the claims of the pharmacy that all the medicines are FDA approved are not true either.

Will you order from a pharmacy making false claims on its about us page? Of course not!

This reason is more than enough to stay away from this pharmacy. However, to know more details about the pharmacy, you can read the rest of the article.

Available Products

When you look at the available products of the pharmacy, it has pretty limited inventory. It means that you can order from this pharmacy only when looking for medicines in those categories.

The category of medicines it offers is men’s health and women’s health. Other than that, it does not even offer generic medicines in any other category.


Because of the same, you might not be able to find the medicine you are looking for if you go ahead with this pharmacy.

This is why you should try and stay away from this pharmacy. Since the inventory is limited, even if you do decide to take the risk of ordering from this pharmacy, you might not find the medicine you are looking for.


Yes, generic medicines are affordable. That is why the medicines that this pharmacy offers are also affordable as compared to branded ones. However, when you compare these medicines with the other pharmacies selling generic medicines, the pharmacy is not affordable. Moreover, if you place an order below 99 dollars, you will also have to pay for shipping. Considering these factors, you might not be able to save a significant amount of money merely by going ahead with this pharmacy.

Payments and Deliveries

According to its website, the pharmacy does offer you the option to pay through various payment methods.


However, since it has so many red flags, these numerous payment methods do not help much.

  • Visa, MasterCard
  • PayPal, stripe, and
  • even cash on delivery

On the shipping policy page of the pharmacy, you will find that the medicines will either be sent from Mumbai or Singapore. Because of the same, delivery can take up to 25 days. Also, if you’re ordering for less than 99 dollars, you will have to shell out extra money for shipping.

It means that you might get the medicines delayed, but you will have to pay additional charges to get the medicines delivered to your doorstep.

Customer Feedback

On TrustPilot, you will find a handful of reviews. However, it is difficult to trust those reviews. All of them are posted in the last 5 to 6 months. For a pharmacy that has been around for three years, all the ratings being posted in the last few months certainly raise some red flags.

great rating

Also, if the pharmacy truly has been around for three years, it should have more feedback. In the domain of the pharmacy itself, there are hardly any reviews.

Conclusion might seem like a legit pharmacy, but it has too many red flags. Because of the same, it is not advisable to order from this pharmacy.

We give it only 1 star out of 5.

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