Reviews – Very Suspicious is an online pharmaceutical company, claiming to be the USA’s leading online medical supplier. In addition, they state that they specialize in medicine for eye care, men’s health, pain relief and anxiety products. A full review was conducted to verify the legitimacy of this e-pharmacy.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-02-26
Business Info
NameMeds Store
Phone Numbers+1-315-745-3428
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Domain Information

The domain name for this e-pharmacy was first registered on February 26th, 2020. The last known update occurred to the website on March 4th, 2021, with the current expiration date set to expire on February 26th, 2022.


While this information is seemingly corroborated by the site’s 2020 copyright stamp, there is some very misleading information. The company states they are the best online pharmaceutical company in the United States, but ownership is located in the Bahamas. Also, the website’s About Us page is not written in English, which is the national language in the US. Instead, it’s poorly written and translated into Latin. This makes the legitimacy of this e-pharmacy questionable.

Business Profile

As previously mentioned, the information section of the About Us page on this e-pharmacy’s website is very poorly written and in Latin. This makes no sense when noting that the company is supposedly American. Also, even upon attempting to translate the page, the information is quite nonsensical. There is no proper documentation of ownership, employees, or proper licensing.


The suspicions over this e-pharmacy are confirmed when looking into third-party rating sites, like Scam Adviser. On Scam Adviser, this online pharmacy received an incredibly low score of 1/100. Scores this low are handed out to the most untrustworthy websites, coming with the warning of not using the provided services.

Regulatory Approval

Regulations are legality that every online pharmaceutical company must adhere to. This is not only to ensure the safety of every customer but also used as verification of the quality of products being sold.


In the case of this e-pharmacy, it can be confirmed without a doubt that they do not submit to any regulatory practices. Because of this, they do not hold proper licenses from an official governing body like the NABP, the CIPA, or the MIPA. Furthermore, on Legit Script, this company is listed as being “rogue”. This is not only due to the lack of transparency but also to the quality of the products.

Products and Pricing

As previously mentioned, this e-pharmacy chooses to specialize in four categories of medicine.


These categories are:

  • Eye Care
  • Men’s Health
  • Pain Relief
  • Anxiety Products

Each category holds a multitude of products, all of which come with information on dosages and pricing. Oddly enough, nowhere on the site does it guarantee that the medicine they supply is FDA-approved – a common claim for illegitimate companies. While it’s good that this e-pharmacy doesn’t present that misleading information, it shows that their products are not certified nor safe for consumption.

Payment and Shipping

Unfortunately, this e-pharmacy’s website is riddled with broken links. The FAQ, Shipping & Returns, Terms, and Conditions, and Privacy Policy pages do not work – offering customers very little information. The little bit of information that is available is on the homepage of the website.

free pills

The online pharmacy claims to offer free delivery and shipping on every order. They also offer member discounts on orders over $100 and a money return guarantee within 7 days. There is also a banner claiming if you pay with PayPal, you’ll receive 20 free pills. However, none of these claims can be verified due to a severe lack of transparency from this e-pharmacy. There is neither correct payment method nor shipping information presented, making us skeptical about this e-pharmacy.


At the moment, this e-pharmacy has no reviews posted anywhere on the website. There is no section dedicated to testimonials and there aren’t even any featured on the top-rated products. It’s very questionable how products could be categorized as top-rated if no one has rated them.


This lack of information is corroborated by third-party rating sites like Trustpilot. On Trustpilot, this online pharmacy only has one review. They were given 1 star, while the user made sure to mention that this was a scam website and not to lose their money.


In conclusion, is an online pharmaceutical company that shouldn’t be trusted. This company shows a severe lack of transparency with customers, holds no proper licenses or regulatory practices and does not require prescriptions or FDA approval for their medications.

We’re only able to give this e-pharmacy a 1 star rating and do not recommend the use of it.

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