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As everything turns online, it is hard for us to look for legit stores but at the same time offer affordable prices for their products. Moreover, it is challenging to look online for men selling original safe, and affordable medical products. We all know that medicines can easily be replicated and faked. That’s why we should always be careful in purchasing it. To ensure that the store is legit, we will assess it through its information, ratings, and customer reviews. Here, we will determine if is someone men should trust or should stay away from.

Domain Info
Registration Date2002-06-27
Business Info
NameViking Man
Phone Numbers8336984546
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: probationary certified
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About Them is an online pharmacy website that caters man and their health problem. From fathers to brothers to sons, all will be catered. Transforming men to become fearless, family-oriented, curious, loyal, honored, and grateful brings back the masculinity they had, which was lost because of certain diseases. To bring back their confidence and continue exploring the world, leave an unforgettable legacy for everybody.

why to choose them

According to the company’s official LinkedIn account, they were founded in 2019. The company is a pharmaceutical company focusing on treating male diseases such as hair loss, men’s health, and lack of sleep. Not only do they supply medicine, but they also give consultation programs and treatment regimens for the said diseases with the help of their licensed physicians using their approved FDA medicines. Furthermore, they have a certification symbol from Legit Script. An expert in giving certificates to the company under healthcare and medicine. Other than this, there is no other information related to the company.

Business Profile

The very first thing you’ll notice once you visit the official website of the online pharmacy is the dark and masculine designs they have. You will come across the company’s values and purpose. The next thing you’ll see is their products and services offered. As mentioned, they offer a consultation service to cater to your needs and essential information on what to expect under the disease they cater to, including the medicines you can take to fix it. They also have a tutorial for their online consultation.

for men

Regulatory Approvals

Any company should seek approval depending on what industry they are in. In this case, VikingMan claims to have U.S. professional physicians with FDA-approved medicine. Moreover, they also have a LegitScript’s certification. Other than this, no other information is presented regarding the company’s regulatory approvals.


Product & Price Listing

Now, the company has two different products. One is their online consultation service, and the second is the medicines. For telecommunication they offer a $5 consultation fee. Still, your payment is refundable if the physician concludes that you are not eligible for online consultation and should have an in-person hospital visit.


Medicines and Supplements

Biotin Gummies: A supplement you can take that will help your hair grow faster if you suffer from hair loss. These cute yet effective-looking supplements can be purchased at $19.95 in a bottle.

Sleep Gummies: Now, if you have trouble sleeping, you can take this supplement to aid you with this trouble. For a price of $19.95, you will have a peaceful sounding sleep in your bed.

Immunity Gummies: Now, if you’re constantly tired and at the risk of getting sick, these $19.95 gummies can help you boost your immunity to keep your body protected from disease.

what they treat

Settlement & Distribution

Before purchasing, make sure that you are in the eligible state to receive the product. In purchasing the medicine, you must choose which product you want, click it, and purchase it. The company receives online payments through bank details.

Transportation Details

Once done, you must type in the information needed, like number and address. They will send an update regarding your parcel. You don’t have to be present when receiving the package as they made their delivery flexible. Once purchased, your order will be shipped out immediately if it happens before 4:30 PM EST and during weekdays. If the transaction were done beyond this schedule, shipment of the product would be made the next day within the set day.


Now, you have to be careful in purchasing. Once the product is shipped out, the company has no return policy, so it better make sure you had it correctly. If you’ve made a mistake, contact them immediately here.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews is one way of determining the goodness of the product as well as the company. Mostly, the reviews will be found on specific products their sell. For example, for their hair loss treatment, multiple users have expressed their amazement at its effectiveness. The men have seen changes within 6 – 12 months.

positive comments

With an average rating of 3 stars, numerous sites have shared that the company is trustworthy despite the low ratings provided by different websites.


A 50/50 battle between legitimacy and fraud occurs. As the company is in the ratings of 3 stars, it is a store where you can purchase but be cautious. After all, not many stores had a focus on selling men’s products. I hope this article helps you with all the information presented to check if it’s legit.

The company may be average, but it’s not considered a fraud.

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