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According to their website, Wellona Pharma is a well-established name based in Surat, India. The company specializes in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The company also deals with global pharmaceuticals, and they claim to be well established in terms of markets and quality. It exports formulations like suspensions, eye/ear drops, ointments, creams, nasal sprays, inhalers, pre-filled syringes, injections, capsules, tablets, etc. But in this detailed post, we’ll present every kind of evidence that will make you surprised regarding the reputation of this company.

Domain Info
Registration Date2016-10-26
Business Info
NameWellona Pharma
Phone Numbers+91-261-2571244
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Domain Information

As per WebRate.org, they have pointed the website to NEUSTAR-AS6-NeuStar, Inc., US. Also, they placed this pharmacy to be registered under .COM, which is a top-level domain. Besides, they point out that the last verification results were performed on December 27, 2021, showing that it has an invalid SSL certificate. Even that being the case, they also show that as per Google Safe Browsing & Symantec, WellonaPharma is somehow a safe domain. Additionally, Relying Google MobileFriendly tested this site and found out that it is well optimized for tablet and mobile devices, although the speed needs improvement.


Business Profile

As per our research, we could not find the business details associated with WellonaPharma.com, which makes us doubt the business. According to AuraStats.com, the country, and Global Alexa Rank, the website is not rated. This is often ranked with over one website, and the findings show that this website doesn’t have any reputation to be ranked, which makes us also classify this site as a scam.

web server

Regulatory Approval

The pharmaceutical company claims to be certified and approved by bodies like MSME license, FDCA License, Pharmexcil, Govt recognized Star ExportHouse, ISO 9001:2015, and WHO-GMP; however, on additional search, the WELLONA PHARMA isn’t a member of any of the bodies. Which also points out the fact that the pharmacy is not trustworthy. 

fake ceals

Product & Pricing

When you visit their website, for instance, to buy certain drugs, they have described the product, but they have not openly disclosed the prices; instead, they place a button reading, Inquire About. This makes you wonder why they do this, yet they could disclose their prices. Due to that, we think that this pharmacy is a scam. Additionally, when you inquire more regarding the particular drugs you need, they can take time before they can respond to you, which also supports the fact that this site is a scam and doesn’t care for their client.


Payment & Shipping

Unfortunately, this company doesn’t list any payment methods. Just like how you could make a purchase, you’d need first to choose the product you need to know the available payment, which is not a good show for a reputable and well-known website. Because they have not disclosed their payment method, knowing their truthfulness is hard, and even most customers would fear buying their medicine because of this.


On the side of shipping, this company claims to offer to ship to many parts of the globe. For the shipping time, they say that it varies because it entirely depends on how far you live from India. After all, that is where the pharmacy is based.


We’re so surprised that this pharmacy only lists positive reviews on its websites, yet other reputable reviewers like ScamAdviser offer some negative points about this website. Some users were very concerned that this website doesn’t disclose its owner because it is hidden on WhoIs. If at least, they were reputable and trustworthy, they wouldn’t hide anything whatsoever. That alone is proof that this website could be a scam. Further, it has both negative and positive reviews as per Scam-Detector.com

negative review


After undertaking this extensive research, we find this pharmacy a scam, and now, this WellonaPharma.com is nothing to trust. If you want to save yourself from getting substandard drugs, it is good to keep off from this store. And since they don’t disclose their prices upfront and payment method, it proves that the pharmaceutical company is not anything to trust. If you want to be on the safer side, go for a medical store that openly displays what they offer without hiding any of its details.

Additionally, since we have seen that they have an invalid SSL certificate, it is also proof that this site is a mere scam.

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