Reviews – NABP Reported is an online pharmaceutical company claiming to be a leading authority in the business. This brightly contrasted website features a multitude of products for customers – but, are they safe? This is where we come in, to verify this company’s legitimacy. 

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Registration Date2020-01-22
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NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-866-598-43-52
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LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Domain Details

As always, we begin by looking in this e-pharmacy’s domain details. Here we pick apart even the most minuscule of details, attempting to showcase any sketchy behavior. 


Right away, we began to notice some abnormalities in the information provided. According to the “About Us” section of the website, this company proudly boasts of being in business for 11 years. However, when looking at the domain information, we can easily verify that the website was first registered on January 22nd, 2020. Unfortunately, this leads us to believe we will find more fraudulent information.

It’s important to mention, we’ve noticed a common trend amongst illegitimate pharmaceutical companies. Many, first registered or established right around the time COVID-19 became globally known. Similarly, these companies often sell products targeted towards the unvaccinated populations, like ivermectin. It’s almost as though these companies are attempting to profit from the current global pandemic.

Business Profile

Throughout the “About Us” page, there are mentions of roots in India. The company mentions medicines being manufactured in India’s approved facilities and compliance with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940


However, there is no documented claim or proof of the company being founded or located in India. Additionally, according to the domain information we retrieved, ownership is located in Singapore

Similar to the lack of documented business information, there is no information provided on any company employees. Legitimate pharmaceutical businesses often post information on their doctors, pharmacists, etc, and their various licenses. This is to showcase both transparency and reliability – qualities we’ve yet to see from this e-pharmacy.  Our intel is corroborated by Scam Adviser, who’s rated this e-pharmacy with a 1/100.

Regulatory Approval

We were hoping to see some valid licenses or proof of regulatory practices from this e-pharmacy, but this wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, this company does not submit to any known regulations. This means that they cannot possibly hold proper business licensing.


Regulations are what deem the medicines a company markets, safe. If this doesn’t occur, folks shouldn’t feel comfortable consuming or using these products. They could potentially be harmful and very dangerous, without any known testing. 

A telltale sign of the legitimacy of a company is its overall standing with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. They are the lead governing authority over pharmaceutical companies. In the case of this e-pharmacy, not only do they not recommend the use, but they have taken the additional step to report them

Products and Pricing

As mentioned, this company does post the usual “FDA approval guarantee”. However, as with any other e-pharmacy that holds no licensing, this cannot possibly be verified or believed to be true. It’s incredibly dangerous to list consumable medications as safe when there is no proof of this. 


Regardless, this company carries an abundance of medications for customers. They’re another “A to Z pharmacy”, as we like to call them – seemingly carrying a product for every bodily issue known to man. 

These products range in price and dosage information, depending on the particular brand and amount required. This company also lists their “Best Selling” products on the homepage, making them very accessible.

Payments and Shipping

This e-pharmacy seemingly has the following payment methods available:

  • Visa and Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Bitcoin

As for shipping, the company claims all orders are shipped from India – where the medications are manufactured. They say delivery should take between 10-21 days but could be an additional 10 days in certain situations. They ship to all countries except a few in Asia. 


For shipping methods they list the following:

  • Express International Mail: $30 – 5-9 business days
  • Standard International Mail: $10 – 10-21 business days


On a third-party rating site like Trustpilot, this e-pharmacy is both unclaimed and holds no reviews. They do, however, host ratings on the company website. All of which, are very positive, but cannot be verified from Facebook, Google, etc. This makes it impossible to know if these reviews are real or falsified. 

no reviews


In conclusion, we give a 1-star rating. We cannot, in good conscience, recommend the use of a company that so willingly negates the need for regulatory approvals. Because of this, they hold no business licenses and the safety of the marketed medications is skeptical.

We recommend our visitors choose a different e-pharmacy service.

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