Reviews – Very Legit, Limited to US comes from Florida in the United States. They operate a pharmacy that includes an online consultation service. This allows people to buy prescription drugs regardless of whether or not they have a prescription. Various online drugstores offer similar benefits but this one is actually legal.

Domain Info
Registration Date2018-04-18
LocationUnited States
Business Info
NameZip Health
Phone Numbers1-888-634-1354
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Certified
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Free Shipping

Domain Details

The domain is deceptive because it suggests that the store isn’t completely trustworthy. Or at the very least, that the conclusion people will reach once they realize that it was created on the 18th of April 2018


However, while it is common to judge medical organizations based on their domain age, this one has given its detractors various reasons to give it the benefit of the doubt. 

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If you need a reason to trust this domain, consider its ScamAdviser rating, which stands at 100 percent. ScamAdviser does not appreciate the owner’s decision to hide his identity. That being said, it still believes that the website is a legitimate internet pharmacy, which is why it gave them the highest possible rating.

high rating

The figure was based on their high Alexa rank, the validity of their SSL Certificate, and the many positive reviews they have received, not to mention the security on their platform.

Business Profile

This site is the property of Zip Health Services Inc. You can tell that the business is legit because it is legally registered in the United States. Their website has all the information you need to authenticate their registration. 


This is why they are not afraid to publish their address. They exist online and in the real world, and you can visit them if you want to see their premises with your own eyes. Their portal is not only professional in its appearance but very attractive. The owner clearly sunk a lot of time and money into the design. People can use it to initiate a consultation over the internet.

Every customer is expected to undergo a consultation before they can submit their request for medicine. It only takes two minutes. Unlike a physical consultation, you don’t have to make an appointment here, and neither are you expected to wait in a queue.

some info

The website expects patients to answer a few questions that will allow the qualified doctors on the other side of the platform to understand the nature and severity of their illness. Once they have a clear understanding of your situation, the doctors will write a prescription that fits the treatment they have chosen. They will send this prescription to a pharmacy that will deliver your drugs to you. 

Don’t expect them to treat every illness. They only tackle conditions that can be diagnosed without a face-to-face examination. If an illness requires a patient to see a doctor in person, the website will make this recommendation

The drugstore understands that some people are hesitant to expose their ailments to the public, which is why they are so discreet. In fact, when you make a payment, the only thing that appears on your bank statement is the pharmacy’s name, not the drugs you bought.

Regulatory Authorization

They have LegitScript certification. They are also licensed by the Department of Health in Florida.


Available Products

Even though they operate over the internet, they use the same suppliers as traditional pharmacies. For that reason, the quality of their merchandise can be trusted. They do not demand prescriptions. More importantly, you cannot submit a prescription from another doctor. They will give you a prescription after you undergo an online consultation.


They provide drugs that treat diseases like:

  • Cold Sores
  • Herpes
  • Migraine
  • Sexual Conditions

Payments and Deliveries

They accept payments that are made via Mastercard, American Express, and Visa. They use USPS and FedEx Express for deliveries. Shipping fees range from $4 to $26.3. 


They are not available everywhere. The company has a list of states on their platform to which they deliver. If your state doesn’t appear on that list, they can’t help you.


Most of the people that have used the portal are happy with their services, which is why 89 percent of the customers on TrustPilot gave them excellent reviews.

excellent reviews


It is difficult to find fault with an internet pharmacy that is legally licensed in the US.

The medical shop gets a trust rating of 3.5 stars.

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